Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Feb 4- Feb 10

What an amazing weekend of racing!!! Parent's, I'm sure you had to fill up on gas more than usual with the loot and egos that we brought back to Grande Prairie!:D The amount of compliments that I received (no, not just because it was such a quiet weekend without my voice) about the team has my head about ready to explode with pride! You guys rocked completely and battled your inner selves to push through and be just awesome! SO PROUD!!!

Tuesday: Meet in lodge for team powwow at 5:45. Don't be late. On snow for skate practice til 7.

Thursday: It looks like we'll be skating again... unless the weather decided to cooperate with us.

Saturday: Skate... maybe classic with klister- depending on the weather. Ask me on Thursday please!

Have a fabulous week!:)