Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Last post for 2012-2013 Season!:(

It's true!!! Where did the time go?! AND what an AWESOME year it was! Great/amazing job everyone!! I am SO proud of each and everyone of you this year! The amount of work and advancing that you all did is hard to express other than to say: you all rock!! And I start to tear up when I think about how awesome you are! :)

Tuesday: We will be skiing and be prepared for both techniques... It depends on what the weather will do. :)


Saturday: We will be skiing but again, be ready for either technique! And we may start earlier due to the forecast of +10! Will email on Ftiday for time.

Tuesday: Annual swimsuit edition ski practice!! Come in your suit and shorts and be ready for some great pics!!!

Friday April 5 is the team party. 5pm and bring $2-$5 per athlete for food costs and come ready to be in character for our Mystery Party!!!:)