Pre Training Health Assessment Form

October 28- November 3, 2013

YAAAAHHHOOOO!!! We have snow!!! Unfortunately not enough yet... SO we're still dryland training- which is cool as we have stuff to work on so no big deal, as long as the snow comes for next week and stays!:D

Great last build week team!! We're now officially into rest week, which means we aren't working out as hard as we normally do, but we're still working out!

So... seeing as the snow has made an appearance, I spent a few hours organizing my house today putting away the summer gear, pulling out the winter gear and PUTTING TOGETHER MY TRAINING BAG. This is something that the whole team should have. Your training bag keeps you organized so that you don't forget anything for practice and cuts WAY down on me having to give you burpies. :) What goes in this bag? Snacks, puffers (if you need them), water bottle holder, empty water bottle- which you fill the night before, dry ski boots (I leave both of mine in the bag so that if the weather changes I'm still prepared), headlamp with new batteries in it (this is a must), dry socks, dry mitts- warm and not so warm ones, two buffs, two toques, gloves, glasses in their case, vest, my wapiti jacket, my ski club pass (not ready yet for 2014 but they will be soon), and whatever else one may need- hot packs for fingers and toes... etc.

Tuesday- bring a frisbee, we need as many as we can get, so bring one!! Bring water.

Thursday- we will be out at the trails- it's supposed to be warm and what snow we will have will be melted unfortunately, so we can still go out on the trails. Bring a waterbottle holder for this- I'm tired of kids dropping bottles etc. PLEASE BRING A HOLDER. Practice will be 45 minutes as I know that some of the team is wanting to go home early for some reason this evening... 5:30-6:15 is practice.

Saturday- We will meet again out at the correction line trails. Weather pending we will be roller skiing etc, so come prepared with poles, water bottle holders, bright shirts etc...

See you out there and hope you enjoyed the snow today!!!:D