Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 13-20, 2014.

Great racing for those of you who raced the skiathlon in the 6 PAC!!! Appropriately chosen for a race today as that is what they were racing at the Olympic trials today in Canmore! What an awesome event and a great experience to see it and see people I've either trained with or trained, cross the finish line in first place and qualifying for the Olympics!! Amazing athletes and amazing families, coaches, wax technicians, volunteers and officials to pull off an event like that and I'm referring to our six PAC event! It all starts somewhere.:)

We're on week 2 of our build cycle:

Tuesday: Well we're going to try to classic ski. It'll be our last day for the week it seems judging by the crazy weather. Come early to wax your skis and we shouldn't have to use klister. Just some gooey wax.

Thursday: Skate practice

Saturday: Skate practice. It'll be splitting the team into two groups. I will work with one group for an hour while the other group is out skiing an then will work with the second group while the first group goes for a ski.

I sent an email out last week regarding races and knowing which athletes were going to be going to which events. I have heard back from one family. Please ensure your family responds.