Pre Training Health Assessment Form

September 22-28, 2014.

Hopefully you guys feel a bit rested from the past few days of 'rest week' training (not including Tuesday). This week we're heading back into our first build week- it's harder than last cycle but not as hard as last Tuesday's workout… hopefully this makes sense to everyone. :)

Tuesday: MEET AT THE LODGE- bring your water bottle and be ready for a run.

Thursday: MEET AT MUSKOSEEPI- PARENT MEETING IN PAVILION WITH CLAIRE (bring check books). Please check your emails and tell your parents to check their emails prior to coming to this meeting. Bring water bottles and come for a good workout.

Saturday: Roller skiing- meet at 10-12 on correction line with all gear for roller skiing. If the PAVEMENT is wet, not the grass from dew, but the pavement from rain… we will be running out there, so be prepared for both activities and dress appropriately- last week it was pretty chilly.



Thursday- meet at Muskoseepi with water bottles

Saturday- meet at the lodge please. 

Parents- please text me, or call and leave a message, if you need to let me know that your athlete won't be at training, it's usually easier for me to check then email.  780-933-0853. Thank you!