Pre Training Health Assessment Form

September 15-21, 2014.

Week 4 already!! It's kind of a rest week- but not really… you guys had a long summer off! :) SO, this week I'm looking for a volunteer to run (literally) Thursday's practice for me. I'm off to Calgary and need a runner (or cyclist) to run this practice please.

Tuesday- MEET AT THE LODGE. 5-6:30, be prepared for a run. IF YOU WOULD LIKE A T-SHIRT- they are $15, please bring cash or check made out to Claire.

Thursday- Meet at Muskoseepi. 5-6:30- this is a long run in zone 1 or 2 max. Please run in pairs and NO ONE RUNS ALONE. I will be away for this practice. I suggest a group warm up and stretching for about 15 minutes, then a run where you run 30 min one way, turn around and run back all meeting back in the park for a 15 min stretch fest.

Saturday- There will be 2 groups for this practice. Group 1- Mat, Pat, Em, Meg (?) & maybe Nick &Marco; you already know the workout for this, meet for roller skiing. Group 2- bring poles- shorter ones, and if your name isn't in Group 1 then you're in this group. Meet Mallory (or someone else) and Davis for the warmup at the lodge at 10am. Come prepared to run.

Junior Team:

Thursday- Meet Davis at Muskoseepi park in the open field by the spray park.

Saturday- Meet Davis at the Lodge with the senior team for a group warm up and then training. Be prepared to run for this workout and bring a snack too please.