Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 24 - 30, 2014.

I swear it was just Halloween last week!!! Where's the time going?

Great first race of the season everyone! It's good to get the cobwebs out of the body and moving forward into areas that need to be worked on to be faster and just plain ol' awesome. :D

Tuesday: We will be splitting into two groups for this practice:

Group 1- will be led by Megan- this is everyone who isn't going to Canmore. You will be classic skiing- long sustained distance of an elevated heart rate but not too hard that you can't keep going for the whole practice. Bring a headlamp, water bottle and if there are any parents who aren't going to Canmore who can ski with the group, it would be greatly appreciated.

Group 2- those of you going to Canmore; you will wax your skate skis before practice and then your classic skis after practice. We will be doing a 45 minute workout in the stadium/clawridge on your classic skis. Please wax your skis with Rex Blue first, then LF4 and scrape them. All of our gear will be going with the Davis' in their van.


Thursday: This applies to those who are not going to Canmore. Ken will be leading this practice and again, if there is an adult who isn't in Canmore who can help him with this practice I'd really appreciate it please. You will be skating this practice. Come prepared for intervals and a hard practice. :D BRING A HEADLAMP.

Saturday: Ken will be leading the team for a ski (please let him know if you're available for training). Classic skiing- long, no stopping zone 1 except for zone 3 uphills- workout.


Friday: Meet Claire at the main lodge for 1:00pm. Parents please purchase day licences for your athletes and yourselves if you will be skiing. Keep your receipts for these. We will be skiing over both courses for the kids on Friday and discussing race prep etc.

Be at the lodge for 8am and ready to prep for your classic race. Depending on how close they stick to their schedule there will be time to return to the hotel to rest in-between qualifiers and heats. Parents please plan for this. Exempt from this will be Ella, Mika and Caitlyn as they race at 11- perhaps we can have a parent bring them up around 10am? Team supper at the hotel I believe.

TBD based on the start list.
Junior Team

Davis will be staying in Grande Prairie so there will be training for the team Thursday and Saturday

Thursday the team will be classic skiing. Please ensure that your athlete has their headlamp! On snow for 5:45pm.

Saturday the team will be skate skiing. Please ensure that your athlete has their water bottle and a snack. On snow for 10:15am.