Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 8-14, 2014.

What a great week of training AND a great weekend of racing!!

A huge thank you to Lori, Clayton, Carrie, Darrel and Jake for pulling off a great weekend of racing in not the greatest conditions! Congratulations to Lyndon (Slip n Slide), Makena (Big Mak), Jordan (Marco), Hannah (Cling-on), Jake and Nicholas (Meathead/Niki)-who still has one more race- for conquering some impressive goals this weekend too! Check out for some impressive race results or bring sunglasses to practice on Tuesday as it's going to be pretty flashy with all those medals!

IMPORTANT: For those of you who still have roller skis- please bring them to practice on Tuesday and load them in the back of my car!

Tuesday: Classic technique- bring water bottles and be ready for intervals!:) … and maybe an umbrella

Thursday: Skate technique- see above. ;)

Saturday: Skate technique- bring a snack and water bottle!

Confirming athletes for Edmonton Races: Please if there are any changes let me know asap!
Katie and Nick Bardak, John, Matt, Pat, and M Davis, Megan and Miranda Hopkins, Hannah and Jordan Lundstrom, Kelan Lynch, Ella and Makena Pruden, Nicole Staples, Amy and Johanna Redmond. IS THERE ANYONE ELSE?

Edmonton Races: Classic and Free Distance will be held at the Strathcona Wilderness Centre. Please see the race notice here: AB Cup 3/4 and read all of the details. For hotels- we will be staying at the:

Ramada Limited Hotel Edmonton East Sherwood Park
30 Broadway Blvd, Sherwood Park, AB T8H 2A2 

please call and book your own room(s) that you will be needing for this event. We will be arriving on Friday, the 19th around 1:00pm to be able to get some training in.  Please plan accordingly for this. Team supper will be for Saturday- also please plan for this. Details to come. 


Junior Team

Thursday: Classic technique- bring water bottles and maybe rubber boots (the weather is getting whacky this week) :D

Saturday: Skate technique- bring a snack and water bottles. 

*If you are planning on attending the Edmonton races and I'm not aware, please let me know by calling (780-933-0853) or emailing ( me to confirm that you're coming and please read the notice above in orange (and below it). Registration will be done on zone4 and peewee/atom athletes  (junior team age categories) do not need to worry about licences or anything other than the registration fees. Please ensure that you're registering your athlete in the right category (the birth dates are usually beside each category name) but if you're child is 8 in 2014, I believe they are a peewee athlete. Girls and boys may race together in this category but their results are separated into genders and awarded appropriately that way. Sometimes it is nice to have a bunch of other athletes, boys or girls, around to keep up the hype of the sport. We will be skiing around the course a few times on Friday to ensure that the kids know where they're going and we will also have the senior race team strategically placed around to cheer on the junior race team. It'll be a great time!