Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 2 - 8, 2015.

Thank you Mallory and Ken for taking over the team while I've been away at the Canada Winter Games! Mallory kept me updated with blurbs on how hard you guys worked, how great you were running the Special Olympic's races (along with the ski club President, Grant, CCA and numerous other emails about how great and professional you all were) and the awesome butterfly winged loppeteers! Checking out your results on zone4... You guys Rock!!! Great times and I'm thrilled with the distances you guys covered! I hope you all thanked your folks for putting on a great loppet!

Having the opportunity that I have had this week to work with amazing and talented athletes has been great and also a great reminder to myself about how much I LOVE coaching you, the Wapiti Race Team. You guys truly are amazing and I am truly the most fortunate coach in this country with the best team EVER!!!! I'm seriously not kidding!:)

REMINDER: Team event March 14: 10-2pm. Please check your emails in the coming week for some info. :)

This week will have a focus on a few key areas with an emphasis on speed mixed in with some technique

Tuesday- Let's do some skate skiing! I'm pretty excited about this!:)

Thursday- Some more skate skiing as it's going to be fast!

Saturday- am not sure with the weather of this wil be a skate day or a classic day- so come prepared for both. :)


Junior Race Team

Well holy wow!!! You all did amazing on the loppet and the distances you all skied is very impressive! I hope that you enjoyed yourselves and ate lots of cookies at the finish line. :)

Thursday and Saturday will both be skate days working on speed and technique! Come ready to skate hard!:)