Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 9-15, 2015.

Congratulations to Grace who raced in the Ab Youth Champs with impressive 4th place finishes and a first in the unofficial relay squad! Great job! Congrats to all of you who have returned unscathed from downhill skiing (pretty much the rest of the team minus a few stragglers- those 3 who showed up to practice on Saturday)! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves! :D

This month is quickly passing by and there's a few key dates to keep in mind. Please note:

Team Fun Practice- March 14: 10-2(ish)pm. This is a mandatory (except for Nicholas as he'll be in Nationals) team event as there's a lot of planning going into this and it's what the athletes asked for. :)

Bring a Friend to Practice- March 19.

Prep for Canmore- March 24

Team Year End Awards & Party- March 31.

We have 8 official days left of the season and one weekend of racing still to do. The practices not mentioned above will be dedicated to prepping the athletes for Canmore, their last race of the season. I will need to know by Thursday, if your athlete(s) is attending these races or not.

Tuesday: Classic- come prepared to klister your skis. I will be there early to help, this takes time and therefore come early!

Thursday: Skate

Saturday: Check your emails! Meet in the North parking lot- by the dog trails.


Junior Race Team

There are 4 more practices this month for you guys!!! Where has the time gone?

I will need to know by THIS Thursday, whether you plan on having your athlete(s) attend the last race of the season in Canmore this year or not. If so, please connect with Jake for details and I will start putting details for that last weekend of the month in the blog. 

Please note- the team will have their wind-up wiener roast on Saturday the 21 of March. There will be an email sent out next weekend regarding a sign-up sheet for a wiener roast potluck list. :) 

Thursday: Skate skiing

Saturday: Skate skiing