Pre Training Health Assessment Form

September 14 - September 20, 2015

*Junior and Senior Team read the notes below. Junior Team your training plan is listed at the bottom of this blog. 

The first week is done and it's great to see you all! I'm in the process of going through a few items that came up in the parent meetings and will address them over the coming few weeks. Please see the reminder notes below and the plan for this week and next. Stay dry!!

1. Arctic Winter Games- for those who would like to put their name forward as a coach or chaperone for the 2016 team please email a brief resume to Mike Neary and Grant Bourree by this Friday, September 18th.

2. Athletes- your goals should already be in to me, but you have until Tuesday, September 15 to get them done.

3. Races- please have these dates in to me by September 18 so that I can plan ahead for these events with a vague notion of who will be racing where.

4. Uniforms- we will be sizing this week at Thursday training and Sunday training. If your athlete isn't able to be at one of these sessions please let me know and we will see what we can do. Athletes, please bring your old uniforms- even if they fit as it helps for sizing other athletes. I won't have the up-to-date pricing yet but will get that to parents BEFORE the order goes in.

5. Equipment sizing- we will be sizing athletes equipment after the practices of Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday of NEXT week. Please, if you're not sure if your equipment fits, bring it and this will take place. Parents, please be prepared to stay late after practice to get this done… practice will end a bit early NEXT week to accommodate sizing. If you can help with the sizing please stick around!

6. Checks- ALL checks and registration for this season need to be in by September 18 please. Please make them out for the 30th of each month (29th for Feb) starting September 30 and ending March 31, 2016 -made out to Wapiti Nordic Ski Club.

Tuesday: 5-6:30pm Lodge- It's fitness test day! I need to have a baseline to see where you are personally at so that I can push you to your capacity.

Thursday: 5-6:30pm Muskoseepi- it's circuit day and supposed to be sunny so bring water and lots of energy!

Saturday: NO PRACTICE - changed to SUNDAY 2-4pm

Sunday: 2-4pm Roller skiing practice- bring helmet, skate poles, bright clothing, skate boots, water bottle & holder, snack and rain jacket just in case. Meet at the parking lot on the correction line across from the Aquaterra Road.

Junior Race Team:

*see above notes please!

Thursday: 5-6pm Muskoseepi- bring water and a water bottle holder and runners.

Sunday: 2-3:30pm at the lodge- bring water and a water bottle holder, a snack and runners. I think for dry land training we will do 1.5 hours but once on snow we will go to 2 hour training sessions. Running is great for the kids but too much can be hard on their bodies and lead into injuries later on in their teenage years.