Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 2- November 8, 2015

Dryland training continues… snow is sort of coming, but not quick enough!! :D Please ensure that you have a headlamp now for training.

Tuesday- meet at the lodge with short poles and please don't rely on the Malmsten's pole generosity. Bring your own and a headlamp. It's dark by 6:10pm.

Thursday- meet at THRILL HILL at the top of the hill. If there are two extra parents who can help out by just dressing warmly, wearing a headlamp and hanging out for added security, I'd appreciate it.

Saturday- meet at the correction line. Bring runners, short poles and roller skiing gear (with long poles)- I'm guessing that the ground will be wet but it may still be ski-able.

Sunday- As a reminder, in general, I am at the lodge from 2-3:30 and am available to do some technique and/or will give an extra workout if you want. This week, I will be doing a reminder on waxing for athletes and parents. I will only be posting on Sunday's if there's something extra than just an ordinary workout that I am offering. It's up to you guys if you are able to show up for an extra workout, as I mentioned at the beginning of the season.

*Claire will not be at the lodge on Sunday, November 15.

Junior Team

Thursday: Meet at THRILL HILL at the top of the hill. If there is a parent who can help out for this workout as an extra hanging around body, I'd appreciate it.

Sunday: Meet at the lodge. Athletes will be training and Claire will be providing wax teaching inside the lodge for parents. Please bring your athlete's skis to learn/ re-learn how to help your athlete prepare their skis for training. Once the athletes are on the senior team, this is a requirement of their own- typically they're taller and stronger to be able to work their skis.