Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 23 - 29, 2015.

Last week of November already… Where is the time going?!

TIME CHANGE: Practice will be from 5:45 on snow warming up (don't wait for me) to 7:15pm now. There is no excuse for being on snow late now and I expect you do your warmup laps and be ready for me at 6pm. Warmup laps are up to biathlon and down claw ridge into the xc stadium. If you can't do 2 of them in 15 minutes then just do claw ridge instead of going up to biathlon a second or third time. Be back in the stadium for 6pm. 

1. Please bring or e-transfer me $64.00 for the hoodie. Checks are fine, payable to Claire Richter.

2. Please return the roller skis to me by the end of this week.

3. Preparations for Canmore have started. Please ensure that you're booked into a hotel (email Jake to confirm where the team is staying), registered (, have a race license- Juvenile and older ( and are ready to travel on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3. We will be meeting at the lodge in Canmore on Friday, December 4 at 1:00pm.

4. 6 pac Race this coming Sunday!! It's a long skate distance. Race starts at 2pm sharp, registration closes at 1:30pm. Bring $5 cash to race. The next 6pac is Dec 13.

Tuesday: Bring your headlamps and water bottles. Classic.

Thursday: Bring your headlamps and water bottles. Skate.

Saturday: Bring your water bottles and a snack. Classic- however be prepared for the potential of skate.

Sunday: 6 Pac Race- Skate Distance.


Junior Team

TIME CHANGE: Practice on Thursday will be from 5:45 to 6:45. There is no excuse for being on snow late, please be respectful of the rest of the team who have been waiting around. There will be no waiting around anymore- practice starts at 5:45, and the team will go do their warmup lap, if you're late, they will come through the stadium at 5:55 for a final sweep before heading off to do the workout. If you're late, please do not drop off your athlete and leave, please ensure that they have been picked up by the team. Sunday practices will be from 2-4pm now. 

Thursday: Bring your headlamps and water bottles. Classic

Sunday: Will be Classic AFTER the 6pac race which is SKATE. Please be prepared for both disciplines this day.

*parents who are on 'duty' can you please ensure that you're on snow as well and ready for the start of practice. This helps keeps the kids on time. Thank you all!!