Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 25- 31, 2016.

Where is the time going?! Loved the team building at the pool- next time I'd appreciate a heads up on needing to plug my nose off of the high diving board… :S I'm still spitting water out. :D

Our last build week is over and so now it's sprints, practicing starts and getting ready for Red Deer. Of which- they just got a big dump of snow this past weekend too… so happier times for racing this weekend! Please pay attention to the details in this blog- it'll make the weekend go a lot smoother for everyone.

Please register your athlete(s) by this wednesday: "Race the Bend, Alberta Cup 5 & 6."

Tuesday- classic. On snow from 5:45-6:30/6:45. Please then wax your classic skis with rex blue, then LF6 and clean off the grip wax. When you are done, please leave your skis in the classic ski bag that will be in the furnace room. IF you have time to do your skate skis too- please do so, even if this means coming early to practice to do them… Rex blue and LF6 as well.

Thursday- There will be no practice this evening as we try to get all the skis done and packed on time. If you're skis are done and packed with poles, on Tuesday, you DO NOT need to come to practice. IF you DIDN'T get your skis done, then you will use this time to get your skis waxed and packed.

PLEASE NOTE: All participants to the Alberta Winter Games will need to leave the lodge at 6:40pm please ensure that your skis are packed by this time. I will be waxing the junior team skis at this point. I will need a vehicle to bring down a bag of skis and poles, a vehicle to bring down the two boxes and two tables and I will be picking up a generator on Thursday. If you can help, please ensure that your vehicle is packed by Thursday evening.

Friday- Red Deer. Meet at the golf course for 2:30 ready to ski. We will skate your courses on Friday (hopefully it'll be set up for that). Waxing is outdoors- in the parking lot of Riverbend. I'll aim to be there earlier if possible.

Saturday- Skate ski- individual starts. Show up 1.5 hours prior to race start. Your skis will be ready to go when you need them. There will be a team dinner at Boston Pizza (time TBD still).

Sunday- Classic mass start race. Show up 2 hours prior to your age group start time. This allows you to test your wax and be ready for the race on time. It also allows us waxers who are waxing outside to make any necessary changes as well- this takes longer than in an inside facility.

Sunday- ALL ARCTIC WINTER GAMES ATHLETES- you must attend the staging event that will be held at RDC- please see email I sent out last week regarding this.

Junior Race Team

Thursday- If you are going to Red Deer to race- please read this and the blog up top for some info. If you aren't going to Red Deer to race you will have a normal practice with Davis, skate skiing to show off your new skate ski skills you learned this past weekend with coach Blaine. IF you are going to Red Deer to race, please plan to be on snow for 30 min skate skiing and parents, please help clean off classic skis and wax with rex blue. I will be waxing their skis with LF6 when you're done with the Rex blue, unless you happen to have time. Both classic and skate skis need to be done with rex blue and LF6 before packing up to head out to Red Deer.

Sunday- There will be no formal practice for those athletes staying in GP- you are highly encouraged to go for a ski with your families and enjoy the new snow on the trails- go for a long classic ski if you can and show off!:D