Pre Training Health Assessment Form

February 22-28, 2016.

Welcome back those of you who went to Westerns!! Congratulations on some great racing in some difficult conditions. We are on the official count-down to Greenland now and there’s a few things we need to dial in. We will be doing some work on warm-ups; some work on sprints; a couple of long skis- and poof… March 4 will be here before we know. Please order your Danish Kronos by this week, otherwise it won't be here in time. I will be doing a sign up and safeguarding kids money if you would like me to, on March 1st. Jim and I will both have matching keys and locks and we will have a sign-in and out process for kids to have access to their money while we're in Greenland. I'm suggesting $200ish Canadian unless you want your kids to come home with some sweet souvenirs for you. :) 

 Please note: On Tuesday March 1 @ 6:30pm, there will be a team meeting/uniform handout/last minute info session for parents AND athletes attending Arctics- yes, this is mandatory.

Tuesday: We will be attempting classic now that we had a smidge of snow… You will need lots of grip for this workout. :D

Thursday: Skate skiing. There is a Mental Skills Training Course for all athletes attending AWG from 7-8pm @ GPRC. If you'd like to attend, please let me know at the beginning of practice so that I can have you return to the lodge early. These sessions are fantastic and I highly recommend this session. To register please call: 780-539-2072

Saturday: Classic- bring a snack and water bottle and be ready to explore.

It's also team bonding day! At the climbing gym at GPRC. Bring $15 with you, a snack for the team (no peanuts). Meet there for 3-4:30/5pm. There will be someone to belay us as well.  

Sunday: It’s race day!!! Team Sprints… racing teammate of the opposite gender (doesn’t matter ages), time bonus for great costumes, $10/team entrance fee. Registration closes at 1:30; 2pm start. Skate technique. Those aged 12 and older will ski sprint laps of sun puppy/clawridge; those aged 11 and under will ski sprint laps of sun puppy/candycane lane. Each team pair will ski 3x their lap as per team sprint protocol (you start and ski- they ski- you ski- they ski- you ski- they ski to the finish) Hope this makes sense!!!

Junior Race Team

Thursday: Classic- bring headlamps and old skis if you have some. It’s random ski adventure day- the kids will be otherwise using the fish-scale skis: the revolutions only and I’m pretty sure there aren’t enough pairs for everyone… so if you have some old skis- please bring them with you.

Sunday: Skate. Please note that there is the last 6 pac race of the season this day. Details: See above note. Kids can race with their parents if they would like to but they are strongly encouraged to race with each other as much as possible.