Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 14-20, 2016.

We're baackkk!! And due to fatigue… this is a non inspirational post. ;D Welcome back everyone, excellent job of racing and team work! It's rest week this week and then back to the grind until Sharkfest. :) PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU'RE PLANNING ON ATTENDING SHARKFEST. I need to know numbers and names. Race Notice for AB Cup 7/8.

Tuesday- Is skate practice. We may or may not have skis by then… will see what happens. Boots will be there though. It's rock ski season- so please bring your old skis.

Thursday- Is our annual swimsuit edition ski!! Bring your swimsuit and camera. :D

Saturday- Skate.

Sunday- Loppet- 8:30am start. I believe it will be a skate race and may be cancelled. I'll know by Thursday practice. 


Junior Race Team:

Please note that due to a lack of snow and Easter coming, this Thursday will be the wrap up for the junior race team. If you or your athletes are interested in going to the last Alberta Cup Races in Canmore, please let me know and we can make some changes for training.

Thursday- will be the swimsuit edition of our annual tradition of skiing in our swimsuits. Usually it's a great photo op followed by putting on clothes and going skiing. :) As this is the wrap-up for the team, there will be a potluck to follow, please bring something for the entire junior ski team. I apologize for the short notice- I was surprised to see how quickly the snow has gone in the past week and the forecast is very much in the favour of spring coming. :S 

Sunday- Is supposed to be the loppet. Check the website or Facebook for updates or we should know by Thursday if it will be a go. I encourage you to ski with your athletes if at all possible- this is a fun event for families.