Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 29-December 4, 2016

We are up and 'skiing'- insured and everything.

What an amazing weekend of racing!! LOVED watching you all learn how to ski in a few minutes of practice to then be tossed onto the race course! You ALL did amazing and raced SO incredibly well!! SUPER PROUD OF YOU GUYS!


Tuesday- Crawford will pack some snow for us- not sure what it will look like but come ready to ski, headlamps, water and rock skis! Meet inside the lodge as I'd like a chat first off.

Thursday- Same as Tuesday- I'll know more when I have eyes on what we have. Patience is required for the coming few weeks please.

Saturday- Meet at the lodge- 10-12. I'm hoping that what little snow we have will stay. If there are any changes I'll text everyone.


Junior Racers

We are up and skiing!! Please note- the times posted are for the times that we are physically working out. If you think you need 45 min to get ready to be on snow on time- then please show earlier. The change in time is to accommodate the need to prepare and be on snow.

Thursday- 5:45-7pm at the lodge- headlamps and water bottles please!!

Sunday- 2-4pm at the lodge. Please come early so that we can get skis and gear going- some of you haven't skied yet!!!