Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 1-8, 2017


The time is flying by again this year and we still don't have enough snow for what I need to work on with you guys. DO YOUR SNOW DANCES!!!

IMPORTANT: Please email Claire if you ARE or AREN'T planning on attending the races in Prince George for the BC Cup Races: February 4 & 5, 2017. I need to know ASAP what my numbers are for attending this race as I need to make changes to my work schedule this week. Click on the link now: and type yes or no. Thank you.

Tuesday: Skate- the lights are supposed to be on this week- we shall see if this actually happens. Bring headlamps and water bottles.

Thursday: Skate.

Saturday: Classic. Distance- dress appropriately for the weather- it's going to be cold but we can still get a good long distance ski in.


Junior Ski Team


Thursday: Skate skiing. This past week we did some great work on hills with classic skiing, this week it's going to be hills with skate skiing.

IF you can get out skiing with your kid(s) throughout the week I'd appreciate this. I went skiing with Mika this week and noticed that when we spend time working on technique, her cardio isn't getting a workout and she wants to stop lots... SO, if you can take your athlete out for a ski, please encourage no stopping and to 'just keep on skiing'... 4-6km would be great per outing.

This weekend is supposed to be ridiculously cold again... We will do a workout on the track on Sunday instead of skiing with the kids as -26 is just too cold for the little ones...

Sunday: IF by 12 noon it's colder than -20 on Environment Canada we will meet on the track at the Eastlink Centre for a 2-4pm workout. Bring indoor shoes and water bottles please. It's a $2 fee paid at the front desk when you come in.