Pre Training Health Assessment Form

February 26- March 5, 2017


Man we're running out of time!! 5 weeks left and two weekends of racing to go (for those going to Nationals), plus two more 6 PACS and we FINALLY have good snow!!!:( What a wonky winter- and you guys are such troopers.

Congrats to the crew who raced in Hinton! Great results and impressive shooting!!!

This week- please pay attention to the details.

Makena, Ella, Jordan, Zach, Seamus, Liam, Amy, Johanna, Mika, Will, Aidan and Katie confirmed verbally to attend the ABCup Championships in Canmore this coming weekend. IF your name ISN'T on the list and it should be, please email me asap to have this changed and vice versa.

Please register for the races at zone4 no later than 10pm on Wednesday evening.  RELAY teams as discussed Tuesday evening are in this order of racing: racer 1-racer 2- racer 3- racer 1- racer 2- racer 3.
  1. Johanna, Mika & Ella
  2. Liam, Will and Aidan
  3. Katie, Amy, Mak
  4. Zach, Seamus, Jordan

*IF YOU'RE COMING TO CANMORE: please rsvp your numbers to by Wednesday 10pm for the SATURDAY supper. We will be eating at St. Lucia's again- this time with our food pre-ordered so that it won't take as long. :) I'm already hungry thinking about eating there!!

Tuesday: The only practice this week (sort of- if you're NOT going to Canmore- coach Caroline will be doing practice on Thursday- so you can still come- see Junior team info below for details). We will be classic skiing (finally) and cutting practice short for those attending the races in Canmore to wax- those who are not going to Canmore can ski longer- provisions will be made to accommodate you.

Supper to check to see if you're bringing anything for food.

Waxing: Rex Blue- and only Rex Blue. It looks like we may be able to race on it… will see though when we get there.

I will be leaving after work on Thursday- and will have some gear with me. Pruden's can take some gear and I'm looking for another vehicle to take a bit of gear as well please. Let me know if you have room in a Thule box (that's all we will need for extra space).

Friday: Meet in the Canmore Lodge for 1:30pm, ready to ski your courses. I'd like everyone to (hopefully) skate your race courses (all 3) and will need parental assistance with this. Parents- if you're planning on skiing on ANY of the days- please register yourself as coach and pay for your tickets online through zone4. As we only have 12 athletes and everyone is familiar with Canmore now- we will all need to work together especially on Saturday to make sure everyone gets to their races on time etc- it's going to be a bit chaotic with two races on the same day- but really EXCITING!!!


  • There are 2 races (both skate)- one at 9am and one at 2pm. Please read the race notice here: Notice for all the details, maps and distances etc.
  • Team supper at St. Lucia's. Details will be sent out in a text message when they're made available. Please see note in red above. 
Sunday: Race-Classic and depart for home. :D


Junior Race Team

Coach Caroline is back and we have decided that she will NOT be coming to Canmore this week- which means that practice is happening Thursday and Sunday. If there are any senior team members around- they will also be joining- so you guys can show off your mad skiing skills to them!! And maybe teach them a thing or two!:D Make sure you bring water bottles and snacks and have a great week of skiing. I will see you all next week!!

Thursday: Classic

Sunday: Skate