Pre Training Health Assessment Form

February 6-13

YAHOOO!!! Prince George was amazing!! Kudos to all the kids who went, you all raced amazingly and you're all superstars... except for the one athlete who left their skis on Sunday **cough cough. But it was a great weekend.

TUESDAY  Dress warm, it's darn cold and bring headlamps for a long classic ski

THURSDAY  Skate to prep for the biathlon races

SATURDAY classic from 10-11 ALL ATHLETES TO WEAR WAPITI JACKETS *That means you Cathrine and Zachary.  Bring warm clothing for cheering at the biathlon races.

SUNDAY  There is supposed to be a 6 PAC but because of biathlon will be canceled, jeez what a bummer. As a reminder there is still a 6 PAC planned for the 19th 


THURSDAY classic technique and some hills. Dress warmly

SUNDAY  Skate distance

Typed by Katie