Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 1-7, 2018!

Happy New Year!!!

As the new year starts, I'm always in panic mode of how little time I have left with the team!! The kids need a lot of speed work (intensity) done in the coming few weeks to build up what we missed over the holidays with such cold temperatures. Please try not to miss practices (unless you've discussed it with me) for the next few weeks- if you are planning on trying out for Arctic Winter Games or are planning on attending the Alberta Winter Games.

Please pay close attention to this blog. There are important details regarding Alberta Winter Games TRIALS and pre-race preparations-paperwork and physical.

Please remember that we get the back 2 tables only for during the week practices.

Tuesday: Classic- Put 3 layers of blue grip wax on your skis and be ON SNOW and ready to ski for 5:45. There is a lot of late skiers on snow and it's hard to run a proper practice when this happens. If you're going to be late, please just text me.

Thursday: Classic ski- see above for waxing. You will also be leaving your classic skis with Claire if you are planning on trying out for the Alberta Winter Games or are planning on racing. Your skis will be waxed and ready for you to use Sunday by noon.

Saturday:              Jackrabbits is starting- meet in the timing tower!

Skate ski- we may have some guest athletes show up today. We also may not. :) We will be doing a solid 2 hour training on skate skis. If you're glide waxing your skis- ch6 is good. Please bring a water bottle with warm water in it and a snack. As jackrabbits is starting we need to be out of the wax room and the stadium as quickly as possible.

Sunday: AbWG Trials Race starts at 2pm. There will be a non-trials race at 1pm- so don't be alarmed! Race Registration closes at 12:30pm if you're racing at 1pm and 1:30 for those racing at 2pm- $5 per racer.

Alberta Winter Games to do:

BEFORE: Everyone must pre-register before Saturday 10pm.
Please go to this Site and fill out the form. I will have the waiver forms with me- so don't print them off. You WILL need someone who can sign your forms after the race please though.

Eligible age group for Cross Country Skiing:

  • Mini midget (b. 2006 or 2007) 2 males; 2 females
  • Midget (b. 2004 or 2005) 3 males; 3 females
  • Juvenile (b. 2002 or 2003) 3 males; 3 females

Please also bring:
-blank check- To be made out to CCA for $60 IF your athlete qualifies
-$5 to race the local race
-someone eligible to fill out your forms if you qualify