Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 22-28, 2018.

Great racing at Western Canadian Champions everyone!!! Alberta won this year, which is also exciting as you all contributed greatly, to that win!! A HUGE thank you for all you parents who were helpful in running and executing the waxing to herding children to getting athletes warmed up to chauffeuring me around. All of it was greatly appreciated, thank you!!!

This week- we will be working on intensity but I also need to have some team time- so pay attention to the blog and be prepared please.

Tuesday: Skate practice. Start your warm-up of three laps of the usual, 2 laps if you're a mini-midget and younger. Juniors, you will be skiing with the senior team this week- so come prepared to workout until 7:15 please instead of 6:45

Thursday: We have race tactics and stuff to talk about- so it's going to be an inside session. Come prepared for a 30 min zone1, classic ski afterwards, if we have time. Bring pen and paper. 50 burpies to those who have to use ski club paper.

Saturday: We're going to use the tactics that we will have discussed on Thursday and execute amazing technique and proper execution, with speed. There will be those who are competing in the RBC Training Ground- from 8am-1pm- good luck to you and have a wonderful time!

Have a great week everyone!!