Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 29- February 4th, 2018

Where is time going?! It's going to be snow-maggedon this week and COLD! So dress warmly and be prepared for both techniques as well, it depends on how much snow and what is easiest for Crawford to get done.

Tuesday: Skate- we will try to get some intensity in. If it does snow more than a few cm and Crawford can't get to a decent skate track… then we will be classic skiing. Please bring an electronic item that you can download a free metronome onto to it and bring to training- with the metronome on it. Also wear something with pockets in it to handle your device. This will help the training- senior team only for this part.

Thursday: Classic

Saturday: Classic

-I will be updating the blog for the following 2 weeks, next week, and will offer suggestions. Whatever Jim and Jake suggest, will always trump the blog as they will be more up-to-date with the going-ons as things happen, then I am, 2 weeks in advance. Thanks!