Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 3-9, 2018.

Where, oh where is the time going?! Christmas is fast approaching- we will be making our team Christmas Party plan on Tuesday. Come with your suggestions please!!

Please Note: The Fundraiser with M&M Meats is due this Tuesday. Please have checks and orders into Liz on Tuesday.

Waxing: If you need to glide wax your skis- then please show up 45 minutes before practice. Remember that skis need to be glide waxed (both classic and skate) every 3-5 times after you ski on them. So plan accordingly. If you're going to be late, it effects everyone.

Tuesday: We will be Classic Skiing. Coach Caroline is back and working with the team as well- Welcome back!! Technique first then some speed work, is the plan.

Thursday: We will be Skate Skiing. Similar practice to Tuesday, just different technique.

Saturday: I'm hoping to be Classic Skiing- bring a snack, a full water bottle and expect to be away from the lodge the entire practice time.