Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 7-13, 2019.

Wow, what a week!! First spring hits, then some snow and now it looks like we're entering into a deep freeze for a bit... Why can't winter just make up it's mind? :D Great racing to those who showed up for Sunday's Classic Skiing Event! Wonderful job everyone.

  • Please note the Saturday Practice time change below.
  • Those athletes racing in Canmore, please register. Alberta Cup 3&4
  • Those athletes participating in the fun, very large Loppet Event, called the Birkebeiner, in Edmonton (Yes, development team this would be an event I'd recommend you try out), I suggest that we should start registering for this. IF you are participating in the races the following week in Drayton Valley, I strongly suggest registering in the 13km event. If you disagree, you will need to speak to me first please. Check out the website for more info and photos and to register. Canadianbirkie Please note: parents you do not need to register for this event with younger athletes, even though the website says you do- I will be out on the 13km loop dying somewhere. :D And Mika and I will be participating in the supper after the event as well, if you'd like to join us. 

Tuesday: Please dress warmly for this practice- layers are preferable! Water will be necessary and be prepared with a few buffs please. One to stay warm and dry so that you can switch it out mid practice. Headlamps as always. Junior Team, please remember that at 4:00pm on Environment Canada website, if it states that it's -20oC or colder (this does not include the windchill- it's sheltered on the trails), that practice will unfortunately be canceled for you. Race team, if you require puffers for your breathing, you may require them at this practice. We will be classic skiing.

Thursday: Dress warmly again- this practice will be a distance ski, so come prepared with headlamps and water bottles (with holders). Classic skiing.

Saturday: 3-5pm for all groups. We will be meeting in the stadium for 3:00pm start. As it still gets dark before 5, be prepared with a headlamp please. We will be skate skiing and splitting up into different groups to tackle different areas on the trails. Bring snacks with your in your water bottle holders.

*Those athletes and parents who will be volunteering with the biathlon event (if you haven't registered, please sign up via the email that Liz sent out a few days ago) please see the notes that were sent to me, below. I will be going over these notes with the athletes as well, at practice.

We are counting on the Race Team members to be excellent ambassadors for WNSC - do their job, observe the rules, be friendly, respectful and cheer everyone on. We have never had this many youth volunteering before and we hope to be able to do it again. We want the race team to enjoy themselves however safety is a number one priority.  If they are not 'runners' they are not to be on or near the range.  The biathletes follow a strict safety code and it is applicable to everyone.  Dave is in charge of the range and if someone is being unsafe they will have to leave.

They must check in with me (Shelley) at the maintenance garage and will be given their instructions for the day. Dress warm - it can get cold out there.  There are no breaks (unless it's an emergency).  They are done when the race is done and if they have any equipment (bibs, paperwork etc) they return them to me (Shelley).  

There is a volunteer lounge where light snacks and warm beverages are available however they are for everyone, not just the WNSC kids.  If they have questions, they can ask any adult volunteers or come and see me - I will be in the maintenance garage all day. WNSC Race Team rocks!