Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 18-24, 2019.

Man- what a week!! You guys did AMAZING at the Wapiti-irkie loppet and the downhill dash slushy sprints! For the record- the irkie, had our biggest showing EVER for a local race. A huge THANK YOU to coaches Theresa, Doris and Shannon and to the Tinworth's for setting up the hotdog/burger stand as well.

A note from Doris who put this together for us:
Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the Wapiti-Sloppity-Irkie-Ookie.  Thanks to all the coaches, parents and grandparents who who helped with the race.  I don't want to forget anyone but special thanks to Coach Theresa for organizing and marking the trail, Pia the timer extraordinaire, Liz the barbecue master, the medal presenters Cheryl and Bill, Coach Claire and Coach Shannon for sweeping the trails and Lorraine and Charile for barbecue assistance - and all the others who helped. Thanks for pitching in to help! 

I'm really shocked at how quickly the snow is melting on us!! It's tragic- really!! And will change for us daily, sadly, as we move into spring MUCH too quickly.
      Ski Team windup party- reminder: April 6th- sleepover. 
      Details to come but please put it in your calendars!!

TUESDAY: Skate skiing. If you own a pair of old skis (we call them rock skis) please bring them.

THURSDAY: Bring a friend to practice. I'm worried that this might be too late- but bring a friend anyway and we will come up with something fun.

SATURDAY: Our annual swimsuit ski. Yes, you read this right for those of you new to the team this year. We show up in our swim suits- ski around and call it a day! :D And maybe a season too. :( TBD.

*SUNDAY: For those of you athletes who would like to discuss training over the spring/summer and ideas, I will be meeting with athletes and parents. I'd like to meet at the lodge at 1:00pm- please bring goals, ideas, programs that you think you will be interested in doing, in addition to your training and any ideas.