Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 25- December 1, 2019

So this is the most depressing blog posting I've done to date- #273 (yup, that's how many I've posted over the years)...


Tuesday: Muskoseepi- bring your runners, a change of socks for after practice and dress appropriately for the weather. Gloves or mitts are necessary. As the weather is only calling for flurries- it looks like it won't be enough snow to ski on.

Thursday: We're skiing!!! 5:45-7:15pm

*Muskoseepi- bring your runners again... please dress really warm- the temperature is going to drop A LOT while we're out training, so dress like you're skiing... except we won't be. :'(

Saturday: We will ALL be waxing our skis at the lodge (for those of you traveling to Canmore for the races- this is a MANDATORY practice: you will be race waxing your skis) but it will be good practice for everyone to have a review of how to take care of our new gear. We will also have an indoor/deck workout as well- so come prepared to workout AND to wax your skis.

*Inserting an ounce of optimism... IF we do magically receive enough snow on Tuesday and the trails are groomed- then we will ski on Thursday. I'll send out a TeamSnap alert if this is the case.