Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 9-15, 2019

What an incredible weekend of racing!!! Way to go Wapiti Race Team on phenomenal races and personal firsts and bests to everyone! WOW- parents you all rocked the race plans and all athletes made their starts, with the right gear and in style- not an easy feat!! Athletes, you were ALL amazing and this weekend was a lot about getting the first race done so we know what we can work on the rest of the season. You all now have the racing experience, now it’s time to build up your racing and technique repertoire! I’m excited about the work that will be accomplished in the coming month specifically!

TRAINING TIMES ARE 5:45 (on gear and on snow) - 7:15

*there are people coming late to practice- we leave the stadium at 5:45. I try to aim to be on snow, personally for 5:40 so that we can maximize the time. Perhaps everyone can adopt this practice? I won’t wait around anymore for athletes. Please show up on time.

Tuesday- come early so that you can get your gear and still be on snow, ready to ski,  for 5:45. We will be skating.

Thursday- as snow isn’t in the forecast, come prepared for both techniques.

Saturday: remains 10-12. Maybe Classic?? There’s snowflakes on the environment Canada website... do the snow dance please!!! And come prepared for both techniques!