Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 27-Feb 2, 2020.

A HUGE thank you to all athletes who helped out at the Biathlon Races WNSC hosted!!! I had nothing but positive feedback all weekend from you guys. Thank you for representing the Race Team so well and with such enthusiasm!! A special shout out to Bob and Liz for donating their time and BBQ setup as a fundraiser for the team- thank you! Also, thank you coaches Shannon and Theresa for taking the team for a ski at 2pm on Saturday.

There is lots again, to cover in this email.

1. Please check HERE: Signup Genius- to sign up or check and see what meals we are short on for the team meal (this Thursday).

2. Please register your athlete HERE for the races if you are planning on attending. Deadline is Wednesday evening. Remember this is a much smaller race than we're used but it's always a great event!

3. Those athlete NOT attending Prince George races, please offer to help out with Jackrabbits on Saturday morning and come and ski with some of the little ones. Dress warmly though, they don't move as fast as you do!

Tuesday: Classic technique

Thursday: Skate technique; TEAM SUPPER! See #2 and waxing night. Everyone going to PG should arrive early and clean off their classic skis and glide wax them with LF7. After practice, we will be doing the same thing with our skate skis but with LF8. PG is an outside waxing venue- I'd rather not glide wax everyone's skis outside. :D

Friday: Meet in PG at the ski lodge for 2:00pm. We will ski over the courses for Sunday and practice the sprint course as well. We will be skating. We will have a team meeting- details TBD still.

Please print off the race plan sheet found on TeamSnap for each athlete, for each race so that they get used to using this. 

Saturday: Race day- Skate Sprints- this is a long day. Please remember to rest after the qualifiers and treat the qualifier race as 1 race and then do all of the prep all over again for the heats. Endusre that you have food for the day, there is a canteen there but I think that it's a cash only one. The food is usually quite good- but if they run out, it's important to be prepared. Please follow your athlete's race plan developed as a team, the day before. This plan will help you plan for your day as well. Once the races are over and the team is done racing, then you can head back to your hotel. It's nice for the racers to have teammates out on the trails cheering for them while they're racing. So bring a change of clothing and warm clothing. 

Please plan on a team supper- details TBD.

Sunday: Race day- Classic Distance. As we're only 5-6 hours away, please plan on staying until the end of all of the races to cheer each other on. These races are much smaller than Canmore and are a really nice venue to race at and to support each other at.