Pre Training Health Assessment Form

It's week 2!!

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the long weekend- fall has arrived! We will continue to meet at Muskoseepi until after the mandatory parent meeting on Sept 17th. Until then- Tuesday and Thursday training will continue at Muskoseepi from 5-6:30pm (6pm for the juniors). 

Saturday practices will start this week. There will be a change in the meeting location this season due to the poor trail conditions and the dangers that are out there. See below for the new location.

Juniors: Bring water bottles, running shoes, wear bright clothing and bring a snack please. 10-12 is still the plan. BRING YOUR BIKES


1. If you have roller skis (either technique is fine)- bring them and all the required gear (water bottles with a holder, boots, helmet, poles, bright clothing). No, I don't have extra poles this season- a few were broken and I don't have replacement poles yet. 

2. If you DO NOT have roller skis but have been roller blading with the team- please bring the appropriate gear (water bottles with a holder, roller blades, helmet, poles, bright clothing). No helmet= no training. 

3. If you don't have either, please bring a bike or runners and your ski boots that fit (both classic and skate) with a helmet, a water bottle and holder and wear bright clothing. 


Tech Center Parking lot- out at Evergreen Park. 10-12. Juniors- Bring your bikes please!