Pre Training Health Assessment Form

October 5-12, 2020

 Well done team, we're heading into a rest week cycle. What does this mean you say? Well, no, you don't get to miss coming to practice, they're just going to seem a bit easier... just kidding! They're going to still be challenging but not as challenging as the testing we did and working on barf hill on Saturday felt. :D This week we're working on cardio- lots of running and movement and less focus on strength this week to give you a 'rest'! Get it now?? ;)

REMINDER: Please fill out the forms BEFORE practice, we're not hanging around waiting for athletes to complete this important document anymore. If the form isn't filled out, athletes will be asked to leave. Parents, please wait until after practice to chat with Coach Claire, or send an email/text with your concerns and they will be addressed at a time that doesn't cut into practice time too. Thank you for your help with this. 

Tuesday: Meet at Muskoseepi! Bring runners, water bottles in holders and dress appropriately for the weather. 

Thursday: Meet at Thrill hill. Bring runners, water bottles in holders and dress appropriately for the weather. 

Saturday: JUNIORS- bring bikes please. Ski gear swap! 10-12 at the lodge- on the deck. If you have all the gear you need and don't have anything to sell, come prepared to train. Those of you who are needing gear, come prepared to train as well, the team will be doing 15min run by's the lodge to pick up athletes who are done being sized up. We strive to find the best gear for each athlete- it's really not a first come; first serve, it's more- let's see what we have and size everyone up from there. If you are bringing gear to sell, please have it labeled with a reasonable price on it in masking tape. This helps the process and helps people know to whom they are paying as well. Parents, please also be aware that we don't always have enough gear to go around and that is sometimes the bad-luck of the draw. We try our best to accommodate as much as possible though. We typically have lots of gear for the littler athletes, but less choice for the older athletes as gear doesn't usually get passed down that often as athletes have quit growing and keep their gear longer. 

See you at training!