Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 25-31, 2021.

With winter deciding to show up this week, I'd like to remind everyone to please dress accordingly. Buffs should be worn when it's -10 or colder out. Toques should also be worn when it's -12 or colder as we lose a lot of heat through our heads. 

Athletes, please remember the weather protocol- on Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm on Environment Canada : if it says -20c or colder (NOT including the wind chill as it's so sheltered on the trails), practice is cancelled for the JUNIORS. If it says -25c or colder, then it's cancelled for seniors. Saturday this is at 9am. 



TUESDAYI fear that we will sadly be doing a lot of skate over the next while... TBD. Come prepared to do Classic, but we may still be skating... It will depend on if there was enough snow for Crawford and Doris to work their magic... DO your snow dance crew!!! 

With the cooler temperatures, we will be going for a long sustained distance ski. Remembering that sustained means- a manageable tempo that allows you to breath moderately hard, but be able to keep that speed and tempo for over an hour. This is specifically NOT a slow ski- my expectation for this practice is that each group skis between 10-15km during this practice.

    Group 1: Nathan: Seamus, Aiden, Liam, Jameson, Adam and Corwin (meet by the timing tower)
    Group 2: Shannon: Signey, Sara, Mak, Aaron, Mika and Genevieve (meet by the fence by the lodge)
    Group 3: Theresa: Miriam, Johanna, Ella and Lara (meet across from the timing tower)
    Group 4: Claire: Nigel, Troy, Colson, Lauren and Kaitlynn (meet by the bird house)
    Group 5: Juniors and Will (meet in the middle) 6-7:00pm.

Thursday: Dress warmly please- it's going to be cold and getting colder. We will skate CLASSIC and aim for a no-stopping, just skiing workout. Each team can make up their own adventure on where they go- athletes lead, coaches are there to follow your lead. My only rule is to leave no skier behind and no stopping. 

Group 1: Nathan: Seamus, Aiden, Liam, Jameson, Adam, Aaron and Corwin (meet by the
                             timing tower)
    Group 2: Theresa: Mika, Lauren, Kaitlynn, Troy, Nigel and Genevieve (meet by the fence by
                             the lodge)
    Group 3: Claire and Shannon: Miriam, Johanna, Signey, Sara, Mak, Ella and Lara (meet 
                             across from the timing tower)
    Group 4: Juniors, Colson and Will (meet in the middle) 6-7:00pm.

Saturday: Classic- Yes I know... but only because the snow is slow for skate skiing and it's perfect classic conditions right now. As the temperature won't have changed a bunch by 8:30am we won't be racing. Regular practice: 10-12 12:30-2:30.  Groups will be made once everyone shows up. Similar practice to Thursday evening- unless the weather has drastically warmed up- but dress for the weather please and come for some fresh air!! :)

Juniors: Temperature cutoff will be 11:30am on Environment Canada website.