Pre Training Health Assessment Form

February 15-21, 2021.

Sorry- technical difficulties with posting last night. We get to ski this week!!! And the extreme cold warning is finally over with a high of -2 on Saturday... why can't it just average out?? Congratulations to everyone for surviving the cold snap- I'm looking forward to seeing you all this week.


*I'm missing 3 pairs of the revolution skis. Can you please return them this week, leave them in the ski holder outside of the rental return door please and let Claire know.

*Please register for Saturday's race here. Read Saturday for registration details first please. :)


Tuesday: Classic- yes, I know- but the snow is going to take a few days to warm up, so classic it is! There will be some intervals to waken up your bodies after 10-12 days off... but it will mostly be a zone 1 ski. Groups will be made once everyone shows up. Please spread out when you arrive.

Thursday: Skate- reviewing Saturday's race course (read Saturday). Some race prep and zone 3 work and some transition zone chat. Groups will be determined once everyone shows up. Again, please spread out when you arrive.

Saturday: Ski Club duathlon. 9-11am-ish. We will be participating in the ski club duathlon event that they are putting on: classic skiing + snowshoe. The club has snowshoes to borrow, so please don't let this be a barrier. This is a fun opportunity for the athletes to participate in something completely different and still get their sweat on! Please register through the link above no later than Friday Feb 19th and sign up for the "ski team-private" section. We will do our own timing and havoc before-ish Jackrabbits etc start, so that we can be mostly out of the way when the masses show up. Athletes are to shed their pre-race clothing up by the fire pit where your transition zone will be. No gear is to be left in the xc stadium, as Jackrabbits starts at 10:30 and not everyone will be done by then. 

Distances: Athletes, you are in charge of waxing your skis!

5km Classic and 5km Snowshoe for U14 and up.

2.75km Classic and 2.2km Snowshoe for U12 and down.

*For those of you who have never snowshoed before- it's like walking around in your parent's too big shoes and trying to jog in them is even more chaos! :) It's super fun and so different. Walking this portion of the race is perfectly fine, jogging is strongly encouraged and if you can run- all the power to you!! We will have coaches out on the trails and parents helping out as well (I will need 2 parents to run the start line/finish line please; and 2 to be in the transition zone).

Race start in the stadium; transition by the fire pit on the trails up to the forest trails and finish line will be at the fire pit as well. Course will be well marked and discussed at practices. 


Startlist: *if you think you can't make it, please let me know and I'll adjust the startlist as I can. 

9:00:00 AMSeamus V-R
9:00:30 AMLiam Tinworth
9:01:00 AMAiden Armstrong
9:01:30 AMJameson Nelson
9:02:00 AMCorwin Briere
9:02:30 AMAaron Hutchinson
9:03:00 AMKaitlynn Briere
9:03:30 AMSara Martin
9:04:00 AMSigney Fehr
9:04:30 AMNigel Fehr
9:05:00 AMMika Richter
9:05:30 AMMiriam Lynch
9:06:00 AMLauren Gaultier
9:06:30 AMTroy Martin
9:07:00 AMColson Udey
9:07:30 AMDarion Carrier
9:08:00 AMLena McNolte    
9:08:30 AMWes Gaultier
9:09:00 AMZach Nelson
9:09:30 AMEthan Martin
9:10:00 AMWinnie Udey
9:10:30 AMHeidi McNolte