Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 14-20

Great Loppeteering Everyone!

The results are up on zone 4 and from the results you all did very well on such long distances. Congratulations to each of you for completing this amazing feat!


Tuesday: Skate practice. We will meet in the lodge at 5:45 and then be on snow for 6. I need to go over a few things regarding the next few weeks with you guys. So be on time please and please come. Parents are welcome to come and have some input into this. I will also be meeting with the parents at some point as well to discuss next year.

Thursday:  Skate again. The practice will be determined on Tuesday.

Saturday: Mika and I will be out skiing on Saturday. This will be a fun practice taking revolutions and going to ski with Saul on the North Trails. This was brought up over Christmas that we don't ever go up to the far North trails, so we will do some goofing around, meeting in the North parking Lot with revolutions to skate ski for 11am. This gives people time to figure out how they are going to get up to the North Trails. :)

This evening is our ski club wrap up and awards celebration. I expect the team, who is in town to be there for this. This is NOT our team wind up party but it's really nice to get free food and have the team represented. So please plan to show up for this event, even if it's for a little bit.