Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 9-15, 2016.

This week the focus is on technique and tempo. The weather is going to hold for us and not get any chillier- thank goodness and unfortunately we're going to run into really warm weather the end of this week.

There is supposed to be a 6 pac race scheduled for the end of this week. I've emailed out for feedback if this is happening or not. I'll update this blog if the 6 pac race will be a go or not. Please check your emails asap and this blog Saturday, mid to late afternoon.

Tuesday: IF YOU HAVE A SMART PHONE OR iPOD PLEASE DOWNLOAD A FREE METRONOME APP ONTO IT AND BRING IT TO PRACTICE. (Seamus recommends Metrotimer- it looks cool!) If you don't have such a device don't worry about it- it will just help things be easier. Classic practice.


Saturday: Waxing session: 9-9:50am- if you're not confident in your waxing, I will be doing a glide wax session before practice. Come prepared and ready to start at 9am. Skate practice- bring your metronome with you again. Remember we're out in the timing tower as Jackrabbits has started!

TEAM BONDING NIGHT: Juniors included… we will be going to the movies- SING - is the choice. If you'd like your athlete(s) to join us we will be at the main entrance for 6:15pm (movie time is 6:45) this way kids can get their snacks (yes snacks are allowed) and we can all sit together in the theatre. See you there!

Sunday: 6 PAC race skate distance. 2pm start $5/athlete and registration closes at 1:30.

Junior Team (see note above too)

A super huge congratulations to the Juniors for doing 10km today! Woohoo! 

Parents, please respect the start time of 5:45 and 2:00pm. It affects those who are on snow on time and their energy and interest wanes every minute they have to wait for someone to get on snow on time. It's also frustrating as everyone starts to get cold etc. I was late today on snow as I was side tracked but still managed to get out before three athletes- please respect the start time and just plan to leave your houses 10 minutes earlier. IT IS NOT OK TO BE LATE and there will be no more tolerance for lateness. 1 or 2 minutes will have athletes doing burpies, anything over 3 minutes will have athletes being left. 

Thursday: Classic Practice- please ensure skis are waxed with blue wax.

Sunday 6 PAC race skate distance. 2pm start $5/athlete and registration closes at 1:30.Skate Practice- please ensure athletes have water bottles. There will be time after the race for a group ski- skate ski.