Pre Training Health Assessment Form

September 28- October 4, 2020.

What a beautiful weekend and long colourful fall we are having! I hope you were all able to get outside and enjoy it! This is our 4th week of our training cycle- so athletes be prepared to work hard and parents, I sure hope that your kids complain that they are tired after this week! :D


Tuesday: THRILL HILL (formerly known as suicide hill, on the twisties). Bring short ski poles, runners, water bottles and holders. Juniors will do a little bit with the Seniors and then be off doing their own thing with Coach Caribou. If you don't have ski poles yet (for our newcomers, don't sweat it).

Thursday: RUNNING TRACK:EAST OF THE COCA COLA CENTRE- please bring runners, water bottles and a watch if you have one. 

Saturday: DUNES TRAIL PARKING LOT. This parking lot is found on the correction line- just South of the Aquaterra/Dump road. We will NOT be roller skiing this weekend- but running with short poles. So please wear bright colours, bring water bottles with holders, short poles, runners and dress for the weather. JUNIORS- please bring your bikes, water bottles, helmets and dress for the weather- wearing something bright on top!