September 13-19, 2021

Congratulations to those who ran in the Don't Get Lost in the Woods event! Woohoo !! The pictures looked great and you all did a great job. Congratulations to those who put on the roller skis this weekend too and their mountain bikes for some extra km's on their bones! Great job with the training so far team! _______________________________________________________ *This week ends the three weeks of "easy training" as I like to call it. So bring your runners and be prepared for some cardio and endurance training!!* ___________________________________________________________________________________ Mandatory Parent Meeting: September 23, at Muskoseepi Pavilion. Bring a mask if it's raining, otherwise we will meet outside. Seniors and Juniors will be training together. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Ski Team Ski Swap: I'm planning on having on October 2nd out at the ski lodge. I'll confirm this at a late

September 6-12, 2021.

Well done with training this past week and starting school everyone!  * At our last workout I forgot to ask who was planning on racing in the "Don't Get Lost in the Woods" race for this Saturday out at the ski trails?! I fully recommend this run for the entire team with 3, 5, 10 & 21km options- registration closes at midnight on September 8th. As I clearly forgot to discuss this as an "instead of practice" option, there will be training offered on Saturday also. Click Here for registration and please text or email Claire if you're attending the run instead of training on Saturday, September 11th! *Reminder: Mandatory parent meeting on September 16th  September 23rd at Muskoseepi Pavilion- bring a mask but if it's nice out we will meet outside.  ___________ Tuesday : Muskoseepi. Juniors 5-6pm; Seniors 5-6:30pm. Juniors you will be doing your main workout with the seniors, but just not as long as they will be going for. :) Bring water and be prepared

Week of August 30- September 5th.

 I forgot to do the blog!!! Week 2 and I'm already not doing so well, my apologies guys! Tuesday and Thursday : Meet at Muskoseepi Pavilion- 5-6 for the junior team and 5-6:30pm. Saturday : I will be here and so let's meet at the parking lot on the correction line across from Aquaterra Road to roller ski and junior team to ride your bikes. 10-12 noon. See you there! 

It's a NEW SEASON!!!!

  It's a new season!!! Welcome to the new 2021/2022 season. Unofficial practice starts on Tuesday, August 24th- 5:00pm at Muskoseepi Pavilion. Official practice starts on Thursday, September 2 at 5:00pm at Muskoseepi Pavilion. Please read the email that was sent out to the team on Tuesday, August 17th for details for this season!! The planned mountain excursion has been put on hold to potentially a weekend in September as many athletes will be racing the mountain biking races the weekend of August 28/29. Good luck to those athletes!!! I will be personally going to Boulder Gardens/Shipyard on Saturday, August 28th if anyone would like to join me. This is not an official excursion, but one that you can definitely join if you would like. Please text me if you’re going to be there and I will send out separate details for it.    *Blog is updated the  Sunday evening for the coming week.  Woooohoooo!!! Let's get training! :)

March 29- April 1st, 2021.

Well it looks like this is going to be my last post for this season as the weather is warming, the snow is truly thinning and it is April with the spring birds already back. :) I'd like to thank coaches Caroline, Doris, Nathan, Shannon and Theresa for ALL of your time, energy, enthusiasm and support this season to help us all get through a rather challenging year. Parents and athletes, thank you for your support as well in helping us keep your athlete(s) as healthy as possible. It's been a year for the books and like everyone else, I look forward to a more normal year next season!! * If you have any boots and skis on loan, please be prepared to return them to Claire on Thursday. If you're not going to be able to make it to Thursday's practice, then please bring them to practice on Tuesday.  * Mountain Biking club is starting mid April, so if you're interested in biking a few times a week with the club, then get signed up! There's limited spots for this program

March 22-28, 2021.

It's spring skiing season... still. :D We get to ski, so this is great- I'm just not sure for how many more days!! It's definitely rock ski season and we have a few pairs of classic skis- SNS bindings, but I will need to know if you need a pair beforehand. Please don't forget to fill in the COVID form. _____________________________ Tuesday & Thursday : We are skating this week and leaving from Biathlon stadium for practices. See you there! If you have new game ideas, bring those too please.  Saturday ... if there's still snow we will meet in the XC stadium as biathlon will be doing a practice up there. 

March 15-21, 2021

Wooooweeee what a great few weeks of skiing we've had! Puppies, Ivan, obstacle courses and a fantastic loppet! We could not have asked for better weather and events, the past few weeks!  ... that's MY face this weekend with all this negative talk about the season ending early!!!  PLEASE READ EVERYTHING!! 1 . It's spring ski season now- especially as the weather has a lot of sunshine this week in it!  ...and we're heading into rock ski conditions. We will be skating a lot, so if you have gear that's a bit run down and well used with some nicks in it- please switch to these skis for the coming weeks. If you don't have gear, then we will have to use the revolutions. There are problems with this as we have to now use ski club boots (I hope to have this situation rectified this summer).  In the mean time, Seniors , if you need SNS boots- we will be renting them from the ski club for the remainder of the season for $10 and keeping the skate revolution skis with you un