Sunday, March 24, 2024

March 25-31, 2024.

I am not really sure what happened to this season. It went by so quickly!! Thank you team for a great season and a very special thank you to coaches Caroline, Doris, Krista, Nathan, Shannon and Theresa for making this whacky season fun and enjoyable for the whole team!! I'm so grateful for your support and energy that each of you bring to the team. Thank you!


AWG Parents: please see the email that I sent out this week re: athlete skis and looking for sustained damage due to poor baggage handling. Specifically to the skate skis (however there were a few pairs of classic skis that were put in that bag) and please email me photos. 


Tuesday & Thursday: Meet in the parking lot for a team hike. Bring a water bottle.

*Thursday will be our last day for practice. We will start unofficial spring training in May. It's unofficial as there's no fees, age & gear dependent on what we're doing, and it's mostly unplanned as it depends on the weather, time of day and what other programs athletes are a part of. Keep an eye open for emails and we will start road biking, running, mountain biking and roller skiing after a break.

Sunday, March 17, 2024

March 18-24, 2024

Hi Team!!

I'm sure looking forward to everyone being back together again and look forward to the stories from everyone. I cannot lie, I am fully disappointed that winter left when we did!! 😭 This makes me SO sad as this will be the last week of practice. Athletes typically take the month of April off to recover from the season and then I try to start up a spring training session (not mandatory and no fees, for anyone on the team who wants to keep up their fitness by roller skiing, running or road biking). I encourage athletes to join the mountain biking team, track running, triathlons... basically anything that keeps up the kids cardio, strength and endurance. A few athletes have asked for training plans, these I keep really vague and focused on hours where the athlete fills the hours with things they really enjoy doing and are motivated to do, that works around family plans. If you would like one, please email coach Claire. These will come out in May, when I have time to work on them. 

As our return trip did not occur as planned, we will be doing a team waxing night to take care of the equipment that your parents have purchased. We will wax all of your skis (and the revolutions) for the summer and lovingly put them away to rest. Please bring your parents skis too!! Everyone should wax their gear before the end of the season, so that next year, we have happy, well cared for, skis!! 🥳 Even your rock skis, they got a lot of kms put in on them this year. 


Tuesday: Waxing day (wax on only) for EVERYONE!! so please bring a warm wax that you have, an iron, some wax remover and ski ties and we will work together to wax and put the gear away. 

Juniors- will need to look at their skis and see how damaged the bases are, find straps and put them in pairs of whom they belong to and then go outside for some much needed fun as you've worked hard this season!! 😉

Seniors- will also need to also look at their skis (I will be sending down a large bag of skis for grinding down the damaged bases from this year at some point). There is a cost to get this done, however it keeps the skis going longer. If you would like to be a part of this, please let Claire know directly. 1/2 of the race skis flew to Whitehorse, our tools and benches are still MIA but our mission staff are out flying across the upper regions to rescue them!! We just don't know when they will arrive back in GP. We too will have some fun. Please return race suits washed (hung to dry!) on Tuesday and Thursday. Claire will check your name off of her list when they are received. 

Thursday: Team hike and play. We will explore our trails by foot and bring an extra set of shoes for after practice as we usually end up with wet feet. 

Friday-Saturday: Team wind-up party!! Coaches have planned this for us and as per our chat at our team supper before leaving for Alaska- we will be doing an overnight exploration. It seems that we won't be able to have sleds this year- but maybe people have wagons with big wheels?? See the details below and please let Coach Theresa know who is coming. 

Wapiti Nordic Race Team

Year End Party

March 22/23, 2024


All drop off and pick-ups will be at the North Parking lot (dog trails)

Drop off athletes at 5:00 PM on Friday March 22.

Pick up for athletes under the age of 12 will be 9:15 PM Friday evening  (at the North Parking lot again) or for those unable to sleep over. Pick-up for others will be 11:00 AM Saturday morning.


We will be hiking to the Scout’s cabin near the east side of the Nordic Club’s lease (close to the Camelback trail).  We will be eating supper upon arrival at the cabin. 

Menu:  chili, buns, hotdogs and buns, raw vegetables, fruit, dessert – a Sign Up Genius will be set up by Tuesday

Supper will be followed by indoor/outdoor games and activities.


Packing List for all:

Winter boots

Warm clothing

Warm jacket

Weather appropriate outdoor footwear



Footwear for in the cabin – could be a slip on type shoe


Water bottle - 

Thermal mug – for hot chocolate

Junk food – as per tradition for the year end party


For those staying overnight:

*Backpack (suitable for carrying sleeping bag, pillow, mattress, clothing and personal items)

*Mattress (self-inflating or foam)

*Sleeping bag 



Change of clothes

Extra socks

Warm pajamas

Warm long underwear


Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, small towel, facecloth, etc.)

Breakfast foods – bring your own – we don’t have a fridge, but can heat water


Please RSVP to Coach Theresa by text (780-814-9457) by Thursday, March 21 to let her know if you are coming or not.  If you do not have items marked with an asterisk (*), please let a coach know at that time as well, as we are able to borrow these items for your use.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

March 4-17th, 2024

Hi Team! This is a 2 week blog posting, so please pay attention to the details- if things change next week, coaches will send out a Teamsnap. 
Those attending AWG- check your packing list and ask Mika to share a copy of what the girls came up with on the car ride home in the group chat. 

Good luck to Aiden who is flying out to attend Nationals on Wednesday! And good luck to the 11 athletes from Wapiti participating in the Arctic Winter Games in Alaska. Although 1/2 of the team is away traveling, most of the coaches are sticking around to continue playing working you guys hard until we get back!! 😁

Tuesday: (March 5) We will be classic skiing. No headlamps needed from here on in. Good skis and let's get some km's in (and race prep for those going to Arctics)

Thursday: (March 7) We will be skate skiing as the temperatures are going into the plus temps. This will be our last team supper & packing up night!! AWG team will be on snow from 5:45-6:15. Supper at 7:30 upstairs. Plan to stay.

Saturday: (March 9) 
AWG team athletes (biathlon, XC & Snowshoe) will meet at the airport for 8:00am.

Race Team: practice will be from 10-12; classic skiing- meet in the timing tower as jackrabbits is going to be busy! Bring money for hotdogs too!

Tuesday & Thursday: (March 12 & 14) 5:45-7:15, Meet at the lodge with both sets of skis. The snow is going to be changing and the coaches will know once you're there for practice. 

Saturday: (March 16) 10-12 Meet in the timing tower as I believe Jackrabbits is going to try to enjoy the snow for as long as possible too. Don't forget a $2 for hotdogs!

Sunday, February 25, 2024

February 25 - March 3, 2024.

Well winter is back! It's great to see the snow, but not the cold weather!!! 😖 Thank you everyone for being understanding about the change in practice on Saturday. What a wonky year, I hope that this means we will be skiing into April!! 

Tuesday: we should be able to ski. Juniors, please remember to check Environment Canada website at 4:00pm and if it says -20, then there will be no practice for those athletes U11. Windchill doesn't count.

Thursday: We will hopefully be able to ski (Environment Canada is so optimistic, other sites are less positive about the weather) and I'm hoping for some great classic skiing- fingers crossed. Those going to the training camp for AWG will end practice 20 minutes early to pack up poles into 1 bin, classic skis into Claire's box and skate skis and poles into Grandpa Charlie's truck. 

Friday: AWG team will depart for Tawatinaw. Check your emails for details.

Saturday: 10-12- if there's a classic track, please classic ski!!! Coaches will be out for this practice, go ski and have fun. Please meet in the timing tower and NOT inside the lodge as jackrabbits are there. Also don't forget a toonie for hotdogs!! 

Monday, February 19, 2024

Woooooweeeeee!!!! Well done everyone!!! What a huge team effort this past weekend and THANK YOU to you all for bringing racing back to Grande Prairie in style!! 😎 

Tuesday & Thursday: Yes, we still have practice!! Zone 1- skate skiing, bring your good skis (or pick them up at the lodge) and we're skiing on what we have left for the last few days. Then we will go back to rock skis and ski on the north trails. Thursday- we may need to ski on rock skis- TBD. 

Saturday: We were hoping to do a special team excursion, however it's sadly not going to work out with these warm temps and we will shelve it for a great idea, for next year. Instead- it's bring your dog, leash and harness and we will ski the North trails with our dogs (people can borrow dogs too) and poop bags, and we will just ski for a fun morning with puppies. If you really want to bring a dog but don't have one, you can bring a stuffy. They pull less. 😀

Sunday, February 11, 2024

Feb 12-18, 2024.

I cannot thank you all enough for coming out Sunday to shovel snow. This is the first time in 20 years that we've had to do this and the trail looks great! Let's hope it sets up nicely in the coming evenings. I ask that every stays off of it for the next few days please until we know how it's turned out. Fingers crossed it lasts 1 more week. I'm sure we'll get snow next week, once the games are over... 🙄

getting ready

the new Mt. Wapiti!


AlbertaWG coaches and athletes: for Friday, Feb 16, please plan to show up with all of your gear, at the GP activity and reception centre (the new Rec building over by the legion soccer fields in Smith) for 12:00pm. A reminder that you will need to show up fed, packed and dressed to skate ski.

Parents- you will drop your kids off with their gear at the GP Activity Centre and drive off. Pick-up on Monday, will be sent out via Teamsnap by the coaches as they know what the plans are.

Athletes- you will put your overnight gear in Coach John's (Pinkie) truck, or Coach Shannon's truck and your ski gear bags in Mike's or Claire's vehicles. Then you will all register as a group. After registration is done, we will then split into girls (Kateri) and boys (Charles) where you will have time to set up your rooms. Then, we will be leaving the schools at 1:30 for a skate skiing training session. We will then leave the trails and have you back at your school for 3pm. You will do a quick change and then head to catch your first set of buses to go for supper for 3:45ish at the Comp. From there you will head to the opening ceremonies, so bring snacks with you please, and make sure you have good snacks as supper will be eaten at 4:30-5 and you'll most likely be hungry by 8.


Tuesday: Meet in the North Parking lot (where we met on Saturday) and bring rock skis. We will do technique work there and hope that our shovelling has held up. 5:45-7:15

Thursday: Meet at the lodge. Bring your skate skis only. We will do a practice on the snow (hopefully) and then wax skate skis for the games. Those not athletes in the games, you will do a full practice, those attending the games, you will practice until 6:30. Team supper at 7:15 for everyone. Please check the signup link sent out one month ago by Amanda (just scroll back in the chat section) and the link is there. Pack up will be poles in the tube, skis into Claire's car and homeward bound for 7:45. 

Good luck to all of our athletes AND THANK YOU parents for volunteering and making these games happen!! 💖 GOOOOOO ZONE8 Wapitis!!!

Saturday: There is no practice. 

Monday, February 5, 2024

Feb 5-11, 2024.

Please pay attention to the detail changes in dates and times. 


AlbertaWG PARENT volunteers: Reminder to pick up and register at Centre 2000 on Saturday until 4pm. Go early to get the best size.

AlbertaWG athletes: for Friday, Feb 16, please plan to show up with all of your gear, at the GP activity and reception centre (the new Rec building over by the legion soccer fields in Smith) for 12:00pm. More details to come, but you will need to show up fed, packed and dressed to ski.

ArcticWG Team: Reminder that staging is happening this Saturday, Feb 10th from 1-3 at JPII. 


Tuesday: ROCK skis- meet in the Biathlon parking lot 5:45-7:15 on snow. Come early enough to get your gear sorted out please. Bring what you have and we will figure out the rest. It's spring skiing conditions on the North trails. 

Thursday: ROCK skis- meet at the lodge 5:45-7:15. 

Saturday: ROCK skis- meet in the Biathlon parking lot again 10-11:30 on snow. 

March 25-31, 2024.

I am not really sure what happened to this season. It went by so quickly!! Thank you team for a great season and a very special thank you to...