Sunday, February 5, 2023

February 6-12, 2023.

I cannot thank coaches Theresa, Shannon and John enough for an amazing week at the Arctic Winter Games!! A massive congratulations to all of our athletes for a phenomenal week of racing and I CANNOT wait for you to all show off to your families and the rest of the province what you have learned this past week and how quickly you all skied! With the odds seriously against us this past week, you all rose and performed to an incredible level, I am so PROUD of each of you for racing your hearts out and leaving it all out on the ski trails!! I cannot be more proud of you all than I am now! 


Things of NOTE:

  1. Red Deer registration closes Feb 13th (Alberta Cup 7&8). There is also a fun Friday night race as well, that we will be attending as a club. For those U10 there is an epic skills course, for those U12-16 there's a 2x 1.75km relay course and yes, this time I will bring the relay tights! U18 and up (coaches included) can do it solo. It's a great way to prep for races for the weekend and will be our race prep. Costumes are a must and I encourage glo-sticks, light up anything and it starts at 6:30pm on Friday. To register for the races, click HERE. I will be staying at the TownePlace Suites (6822-66th St)
  2. This Sunday is the Choose Your Own Adventure Duathlon! What does this mean? It means that you are encouraged to register on zone4 HERE, and come out and try your hand at snow-shoeing AND skiing! OR bring a partner and they do one thing and you do the other. You also decide on how many laps that you would like to do and how far you want to go. There will be a hotdog roast at the fire pit and ALL are welcome to participate.
  3. February 25 & 26th we are hosting a Regional Cross Country Ski Camp. I have been talking about this for a while now and have mentioned it a few times. But it's actually happening! We have people from High Level, Dawson Creek, Fort Vermillion, Fort McMurray and maybe Athabasca who will be joining us. Some of these athletes will never have seen a ski track before, will not know what skate skiing is and have never been to the city before. Other athletes are coming to learn how to be a better skier and to have fun with kids their age as they come from small communities and others are coming to be a part of a race (Sunday) as they have never participated before. The hopes of this camp is to boost youth interest, but also to build up interest in XC Skiing within our zone as we prepare to host the Alberta Winter Games. I will have the athletes talk about their experiences as racers, their time at the Arctics as well as help teach some of these athletes how to ski. It's going to be a busy weekend but I'm hoping a fun filled, laughter and ski loving weekend! Please see posters in the lodge for more details. 

This week we will be in recovery for a bit. We need to get some easy skis in and recover your energy. It is so important to ski this week, but nice and easy.

Tuesday: Skate- long distance ski. We will be unpacking as well.

Thursday: Maybe classic... we will see how the trails are doing after this heatwave that we're going through. 

Saturday: Skate- it'll be fast and furious and I'm excited about it!! :D We're all going to feel like we have wings! 

SUNDAY: DUATHLON!! 1:00pm start.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

January 23- February 5, 2023

This is a two week blog- sort of! Thank you everyone for an amazing weekend of racing! A HUGE thank you to the parents for cheering, volunteering and helping out with herding and warming up, waxing and keeping me fed! :) I greatly appreciate all of your support so that we can have successful weekends like this one!

We’ve officially completed our final prep for Arctics and have a FULL taper week. This means, eat, sleep and rest and ski a little bit. I sure hope that you’re all exhausted!! Leading into our week of rest there is still practice! 😛 It’s important to keep moving, but focus is on rest and a true zone 1 ski.


Tuesday: We should be able to classic on our race skis- but I recommend that you get them cleaned off after practice. We will be ending practice for those attending AWG at 6:30 for you to have time to clean off your skis. As a reminder- please just keep your fibrelene that’s on your skis and put it back on after practice. Take an iron at 130oF and run it over the fibrelene until it’s soaked through and then take a paint scraper and scrape it off. You will then need minimal wax remover to take the rest off of your bases!

Thursday: We will be skate skiing and also packing. We will also be doing a 45 min skate ski session focusing on skiing big and keeping our heart rates down. Rex Blue all skis and we will be packing it all up. We're leaving our benches in GP but taking the rest of our gear. Ptarmigans have kindly left us two benches in our wax trailer for us. 

As all coaches will be away Jan 28-Feb 4, there will be NO official practice. 

      I encourage you to come out and ski with your friends and parents and to help out with Jackrabbits on Saturday 10-12. if you show up, Daniel can help guide you into helping out with a young group of skiers.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

January 16-22, 2023

With 1/2 of the team away putting in a TON of hours (8 this past weekend), we're going to be taking it a bit easier this week. :) I said a bit... let's not get too excited. As nearly everyone will be racing this weekend, there will be no practice on Saturday again.

*Please note that Ptarmagin athletes will be joining us again this weekend. So please introduce yourselves, they have all sorts of ages of athletes racing along side!! Please cheer for both clubs this weekend! 🥳

Tuesday: Please come to practice early to clean your classic skis off and wax them with Rex Blue. We will be skate skiing and doing less than 10km of long sustained distance skiing.

Thursday: Waxing and packing night!! We will do a 30 min skate ski practice with some speed and movement in the stadium area and then packing and waxing. ALL athletes are required to help each other out. If you have waxed your classic skis on Tuesday- please wax your skate skis, scrape your classic skis and then scrape your skate skis. This should take each athlete a max of 30minutes. Gear is packed into a few vehicles and travels with coaches so that it can be set up and managed for you. You will arrive in Edmonton, to your skis waxed and prepped for you. I'm hoping to be done by 8:15pm. All hands on deck is greatly appreciated!

Team Supper: Cheryl and I will be bringing main course (I'm bringing meatballs and rice but it's not on the sign-up). Can we please have someone sign-up for the other bits? You can sign-up here for it. Thank you!


Friday: We will meet at Gold Bar Park for 2:00pm to do a training session and review the trails. We will find out where we will be putting up our waxing tent and where you can all find us for when you need your race skis! We will have a team zoom meeting (click here) at 7:30pm. 

Saturday: Mass Start Classic race. Please plan to be at the venue (that has no parking) 2 hours before your start. People can drop off athletes and bags and then park in Capilano park and walk down (about a 1km walk). You will get all the details the night before in the team meeting. 

Team supper is booked (40 spots!) at the Pasta Pantry (101 Granada Blvd) in Sherwood Park. They will have a team meal for the athletes and a kids option as well. Team meal is $19.95, (includes drink) and kids is $8.95 plus $3 for a drink. Team meal is all you can eat. Parents can order from the menu. Thank you Lynda for organizing this! Team meeting will be at the restaurant or via zoom if not everyone can make it to dinner. This includes Ptarmagin athletes as well!

Sunday: Individual Start Freestyle (skate) race. Please plan to be at the venue for 1-1.5 hours ahead of your start time. Please stay to cheer on other athletes and for awards. When you're done racing and are wanting to leave the venue, please let one of the coaches know so that we can account for you. 

Safe travels racers and families and we're excited to have 17 Wapitis and a flock of Ptarmagin with us! I hope to see some of the rare, elusive Wapigans out on the trails! 😜

Sunday, January 8, 2023

January 9-15, 2023.

What a fantastic weekend of racing team!! Man it was fast and furious out there and you all did us proud!! I'm personally equally as proud of you all for taking on the extra team members this weekend! We couldn't have done it without the help of all our amazing parents too. So thank you all for stepping into action and helping with 5:30am waxing, to running heats seamlessly, hill climbing, cheering for all of our 29 athletes this weekend, grip, messaging for urgent needs or lost athletes and for helping everyone out! I really enjoyed this past weekend! Thank you all so much. 💚


Edmonton Race Entry- please register HERE this week! The race notice and information can be found here. I am staying in the Holiday Inn Express hotel in Sherwood Park as it was cheaper and actually closer to the ski trails- just an FYI.


Tuesday: Classic Practice- those who came to Canmore- pull off the fiberlene, cork your skis and you will have fabulous skis for practice!! Yes, you're welcome and then have fun cleaning them after practice!! 👏 You will need clean skis for Tawatinaw.

Thursday: Skate Practice- after practice AWG team will be loading up the gear for our ski camp and putting it in either Coach Theresa's box, Coach Shannon's truck or Coach Claire's box. Please plan to leave the lodge around 8pm.

Friday: AWG Team will be meeting and leaving from GP at 12:30. I'm pretty sure there's a more efficient way for athletes to meet and leave and we will make travel plans on Thursday after practice. 

Saturday: No Practice as all coaches are away except Coach Doris who has snowshoe biathlon practice!

Sunday, January 1, 2023

January 2-8th, 2023!

Well holy moly today was AWESOME!! Well done team and a very Happy New Year to you all. Results and lap times will be posted this evening on the Wapiti Nordic FaceBook page. 


  • Arctic Winter Games limited edition hoodies as seen below- if you would like a hoodie, please Etransfer $70 to Claire with your size Youth XL-3XL and we will get those ordered and picked up for you; NO LATER THAN JANUARY 4th PLEASE.


  • Canmore Registration CLOSES January 4th! Register HERE! Ensure that you also purchase a park pass as well and that can be done here

  • Arctic Winter Games Camp January 13-15, 2023. All athletes will be transported together in coaches vehicles. I apologize if I have not expressed this clearly. Please ensure that your athletes have all of their gear on the list (emailed out earlier last week) and at Claire's house for 12:30pm on January 13th: 34 Pinnacle Grove. PLEASE EMAIL CLAIRE ASAP ABOUT ANY FOOD ALLERGIES.

Tuesday: Wax Night. Please check the Sign-up Genius email link that Amanda sent us all a few months back and register. We will be waxing and packing for Canmore, as well as going for a 30 minute skate ski. Supper will be served at 7:30pm. If you have time, clean off your skis before practice and wax your classic skis! This will help with the progress of the evening. 

WEDNESDAY: THE most important night of the month!! It's bring a friend out to ski with you! 6-8:30pm Bring your family, bring friends, bring an item for a potluck snacks to be shared afterwards. Go for a ski with special rates for day passes AND rentals!! Day pass and rentals: $10 adults; $5 youth and $20 family ($25 for rentals) and please bring cash!                         

Thursday: Those athletes around, coaches Doris and maybe Caribou will be around to go for a ski with you. It will be a skate ski. THERE WILL BE NO PRACTICE ON SATURDAY!

Friday: Meet in Canmore at the waxroom (# sent out via TeamSnap around 1pm). We will also be waxing and coaching Ft. Mac athletes, so please make them feel welcomed! 

Saturday: Skate sprints!! It's going to be a busy day, ensure that you have 2 chocolate milks and enough snacks for the entire day! Parents, please bring extra clothes! Team supper will be at 7pm (ish) at Patrinos, thank you Ken and Lynda for booking this again for us! Firm details will be shared on TeamSnap. 

Sunday: Classic distance. And then head home when your athlete is done racing. Please message either coaches Shannon or Claire when you're on your way out. 

Monday, December 26, 2022

December 26-January 1st, 2023

And just like that we're into a new year!! This week I'm not working and so am available to have practice during the daytime. There is no obligation to be at practice as obviously it's over the holidays, however I will be out on snow for 2 years each day, and you're more than welcome to join me!

*REMINDER: even though it seems quite warm after our cold snap- please dress appropriately. Toques, mitts and buffs past -10oC; Jackets and layers as always!

Canmore Race Registration is open. Please ensure that you're registered before their cutoff date of January 4th. Click here and then click on "registration open". I haven't had any luck registering today, but maybe another time or day, and it should be good. 


Tuesday: 2-4pm Skate practice.

Wednesday: Technique Sessions. If you're interested, please text Claire for a time slot- or let me know what time works for you. I will be on snow from 1pm onwards. 30min per technique session. So if you want to work on both- then book an hour. No drop-ins though. 

Thursday: 2-4pm Classic practice.

Friday: Technique Sessions if needed. Text me if you're interested. 

Saturday: 10-12pm Classic practice. 

Sunday: New Years Day Classic Surprise Race. Event starts at 2:00pm until 3:30pm. The circuit will be revealed at registration!

The event: A 5km loop (surprise loop) - ski as many laps as you can in 90 minutes - a family friendly event but children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent (unless authorized by coaches during registration).

Registration: in person 1:30-1:55pm; no fee, just put your name down so that we know you're out there and we will keep track of your laps for you! 

Complete your ski after 3:30 and you don't get a time!! 🥳

Ski Technique: Classic

Sunday, December 18, 2022

December 19-25, 2022.


TUESDAY: Team Christmas party

  • $20 gift exchange item
  • Christmas treats potluck
  • and wear your Ugly Christmas Sweater!

THURSDAY: We will be doing yoga at the lodge with coach Amanda! Bring your own water bottle, wear comfy clothes and bring your own yoga mat (I will have a few extras).

Saturday: The temperature looks like it will be warming up. We will be classic skiing for this practice.  So it's not going to be warm enough... practice at Kateri Mission school 10-12. Bring indoor shoes, water bottles and dress to move around!

Reminder: On New Years Day we will be hosting the annual New Years Day Classic. Please put this on your calendar and details to come in the next blog posting. 

February 6-12, 2023.

I cannot thank coaches Theresa, Shannon and John enough for an amazing week at the Arctic Winter Games!! A massive congratulations to all of...