Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of October 25-31, 2010.

Race Licences: Please everyone register for you licence- my coaching info has been placed by my profile on the right of this site by the photo of Mika, Lucy the elephant and myself.

Nutrition: Was chosen at practice on Saturday by 8 members of the team. I will be in touch with a few fellow suppliers to try and get these products at wholesale pricing or close to. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

Parents: Please ensure that your athlete has a water bottle and HOLDER (it's hard to exercise with poles and a water bottle at the same time). Hydration is VERY important for the success of the athletes and they require hydration! Please read the handout that I provided to every family last week in regards to this.

Athletes: It is your responsibility to come to practice prepared. I will not let any athlete who shows up without a water bottle and holder practice with the team. It would be like showing up to ballet class without your shoes or to hockey practice without your helmet and skates or to ski practice without your skis and warm clothing. It is dangerous to the athletes to train without water. Starting Thursday, October 28th any athlete who shows up without their water bottle and holder will not be able to join the team for training. When we are doing circuits bring your bottle with you to every station. We will work on exercising and consuming water at the same time to maximize our training time. 


Blog Response: There are four athletes who consistently posted on my blog- 2 of which don't have access to the internet- regarding the daily wall sits. This was a one week trial which did not go so well. Feedback is necessary here as I don't have time on Tuesday's and Thursday's to sit with each athlete and find out if they are following their plans. Parents- I need feedback here please as I'm not sure what to do. I also realize that all parents aren't reading this and that potentially I am wasting all or our time with this blog. Please respond via email: to this and offer any suggestions. Thank you.

15 min warm-up provided by Jim, Ken and Claire. We will leave the lodge using our poles and the team needs to stick together. It's a warmup- but everyone needs to pick up their feet and focus on moving forward.
30 min at surprise working on technique, happy hills, and three step double poling.
15 min cool-down back to the lodge.

10 minute warm-up provided by Jim
45 minute circuit; 60 seconds on; 30 seconds off.
5 minute stretching.

Dry: Roller skiing- please see the previous week's plan for skiing.
Wet: Running- 10 minutes warmup; J&J's will do zone 2/3 run for 60 minutes; M&M's will do zone 2 run for 30 minutes and 30 minutes of sun dog laps working on ski walking- technique is key. Everyone to meet at the lodge for the last 20 minutes of lines followed by chin-ups (20 each) and bridges normal and sides and bicycle (60 sec on, 30 off) while waiting to do chin-ups. Any questions please call me.

Have fun this week!:)