Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of Nov 8-14

This is our last big 'week' leading up to a rest week. I use the term 'week' as I mean Monday-Thursday. For those of you going to Lake Louise- you will be off Wednesday (do a light jog on Thursday for 30 min). That's it.


5 min of spud
10 min warm-up provided by Jim, Ken and Claire. We will leave the lodge using our poles and the team needs to stick together. It's a warmup- but everyone needs to pick up their feet and focus on moving forward.
35 min at stairway doing intervals
10 min cool-down back to the lodge.

10 minute warm-up provided by Jim
45 minutes of Circuit at 60 secs on and 30 secs rest.
5 minute stretching.

Rollerskiing: practice will be an hour.

15 minutes to get gear on and off...
45 minutes will be rollerskiing- including warmup and cooldown. Zone 2 max and just moving. Alternate between poles/no poles and focusing on TECHNIQUE!!

Rain: it will be 15 minute brisk walk to warm up, 30 minute jogging (zone 1/2) and 15 minute brisk walk to cool down. That's it!!

Let's work hard this week and starting Saturday everyone is on rest week. This means we will practice on Tuesday 16th & Thursday 18th only next week. This is regardless of whether Athabasca is going ahead or not. It's time for a rest as you have all been working very hard!! Way to go team!!

*see results of strength tests somewhere on this blog.:)