Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of Dec 20- Dec 29

It's Merry Christmas Time!!!

And time to work hard... :)


5:45-6:00: Inside to discuss some important training tactics to make you guys just that more better.
6-6:45- on snow-classic skiing and practicing what we learned inside.


1.25 hrs of training. Skiing at 5:45- there will be no warm up loop for this workout and it's important that you all bring a headlamp. This practice will be classic and you will be skiing in two different groups. You can choose which group you will be skiing in...  You will ski at threshold (learning this on Tues) for the duration of the practice with a warm up. After this practice it is important for you to have a recovery drink. There will be NO stopping during this practice and you will be drinking water as you go.

Everyone will ski out to bluemoon/half moon split for a warm up. Then Group A and B will split off from here and meet back at the lodge for 7:00pm.

Group A- led by Davis, will do South Blue with Bootloop but NOT Burgess. Clawridge included and add in an extra lap up to biathlon if you have extra time. Off snow at 7:00pm.

Group B- led by Ken, will do South Blue with out the extras at all. Off snow at 7:00pm.

Over Christmas get out and ski at least once doing an 'at threshold' workout for a minimum of 1.25 hours skate skiing (if weather is -15 and warmer or classic if colder than -15).


See Thursday's practice but skate skiing (weather permitting see note above).

Thursday: I will be back and we will be classic-ing this day. Be prepared to work!;)

Happy Holidays everyone and I sure hope that Santa takes pity on you rowdy lot and gives you all more than coal.:) See you on the 30th!