Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of Dec 6- Dec 12

CONGRATULATIONS RACERS!!! Alberta Cup 1 & 2 are complete, you all raced phenomenally and as a coach for the team I am very proud of all of you for racing as well as you did.

We have some things to work on for the next 5 weeks before Alberta Cup 3 & 4 so stayed tuned...

If you are on the 4/5 day extra for coaching please start booking times with me to discuss what this is going to look like over the next few weeks. I can meet from 5-5:15; 5:15-5:30 or 7-7:15 and will only meet if there is a parent present.

I would like everyone to email me their 3 things from each race. I will be basing a lot of the next 5 weeks off of these. These are to be me by the end of this week please.


1 hour practice. We will be skate skiing for the evening with headlamps.


1 hour practice. If we get a skiff of snow we will be in the stadium working on classic technique. If we don't then we will be skating again.


1.5 hours. Long sustained distance ski- again, if there's a bit more snow then classic, if not it will be skating. No stopping and zone 2/3. This week is the end of a cycle and next week we will be ramping it up to get ready for Edmonton. Any questions please call me: 933-0853.