Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of January 10-16

A great job over the past week with training race team!! I am impressed with your attitudes and the little-to-no complaining that we had... I'm kind of in shock over this!:) Congratulations to Cori and Davis for their valiant Biathlon efforts in Canmore- Cori we'd like to see the bling!!!:)

We are down to the last week before Edmonton and it's COLD out there. We will prepare this week as if we will be traveling to Edmonton to race but I have my doubts on this one. It's supposed to be a high of minus 26 on Saturday in Edmonton- something that we will discuss on Thursday.

Tuesday, 15 minutes of circuit training and then we will be classic skiing and just going for a ski. We will be off skis by 6:45.

Thursday- if all is a go, we will arrive at the lodge and prepare our skate skis immediately upon arrival. There will be over 40 Chicks on Sticks plus Biathlon in the lodge from 6:30-7:10 which is when we will be out classic skiing. We will then return and complete our ski preparation after 7pm. We will plan for this but please be advised that our plans may change. I will email you if anything changes. Yee Ha to winter sports!:)