Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Sept 5-11

What a day! Way to race each and every one of you!!! You all did phenomenal!! Parents, what a race!! Thank you for putting on your usual event in style! I heard nothing but positive, saw smiles galore and loved what a beautiful day it was!! Great job!!

Thank you everyone for getting your homework in on time... now I need you to start making appointments with me, with a parent to discuss goals/training plans and how this year is going to unfold. Book appointments with me 30min before practice or 30 min afterwards asap so that I can get everything done in a timely manner. 

Tuesday: WE ARE AT MUSKOSEEPI. Meet at the pavilion leaving at 5:30. If you're late meet us past the bridge towards the college. Cori- could we have bibs and we will do assassin please for warmup. We will be doing what is affectionately called the green bowl. Bring water and lots of energy!!

Thursday: At the lodge. Bring water and if anyone has a medicine ball at home (we have a few) it will help immensely with practice!!!

Saturday: We will be rollerskiing where we were last year. If you need directions call Joe. Bring runners, skate boots, pads (if needed), bright clothing, helmets, water and skis if you borrowed some. NO POLES. IF you are running the Steve Burgess memorial (not mandatory) you are expected to come to practice from 9:30-10:30. If you aren't we will stay til 11-11:30.