Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of Nov 21-Nov 27, 2011.

Racers MUST have your racing licenses for Canmore. Please ensure that this is done!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about please talk to Cori/Ken/Randy about this.

I can't get over how fit you guys are this year!! We are less than 2 weeks away from Canmore and I'm stoked about your first races!!!

RULES (from now til March): Now that we are on snow (YAY) we will be on snow for 5:45pm sharp. If you are late, we will do a swing by the stadium at 5:55pm- if you miss this as well, then go for a ski and do some hills. Every day we will be changing it up- be on time. We will be off snow for 7:00pm. Why 5:45 you ask? This gives you time to wax your skis- in case you forgot that yes, we have to do this. :)

We have 4 days of on snow practice (not including Friday at Canmore) before you race SO... here's my plan.

Tuesday: Classic skiing- speed work and tempo stuff, along with technique stuff as per usual.:) Bring warm water in your water bottles and a warmer coat as the temperature will be dropping drastically while we are out there skiing. We will be in the stadium mixed with claw ridge for this practice.

Thursday: Classic skiing- speed work and tempo stuff continued. We will be out on the trails for this- bring a head lamp- the lights are supposed to be turned on but just in case...

Saturday: I will be there for this practice. We will be doing hill work and I expect everyone to be there. We will be doing skate AND classic- so bring both things for this. 10:00am-12:00pm = 2 hours of bliss together!:) YEEEHAW!!!:) Remember on snow for 10am please.

*Coaches note: we are a little behind the other teams for being on snow so I expect you to bring your best for the next two weeks. We are fitter than we have ever been pre-race season so let's show ourselves and the rest of Alberta that we are ready this year for an amazing race season!!!