Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of January 16-22, 2012

Hey guys! This week will be a split week for those going to Westerns and for those staying home. We have some serious work to be done!!:) Arctics is coming quickly and we need to get our fitness levels up. I hear it's snowed so I hope you're out skiing!:)

Those going to Westerns:

Tuesday- 30 minute ski and then prep your skis with rex blue and get ready for Westerns.
Wednesday- 30 min run with energy.
Thursday- I will see you in Canmore!!!!:)

Those staying in Grande Prairie:

Tuesday- Hard 75 minute ski wherever there is snow. Ski without stopping and bring water bottles.
Thursday- Same as Tuesday.
Saturday- 2 hours of skiing- zone 3; no stopping at all for the whole thing and do some hills.
Sunday- 1 hour ski- zone 2. Enjoy yourself for this one.