Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of January 30- February 5, 2012.


Yup, that's my attempt of a scary laugh for what's to come for this week of training. :D We have 5 short days left of practice before all chaos breaks loose... i.e.: Alberta Winter Games, AB Cup in Edmonton (or Drayton Valley) and then before we know it Arctics! SO... lots to do and not lots of time as per usual.:)

Tuesday: I'm going to say classic and probably klister- show up early and be on snow on time. It's going to be hard and lots of skills involved in practice.

Thursday: Skate -hopefully it's going to be icy and fast- bring old poles and old skis if you have them as we are going to practice being aggressive and FAST and passing on the race course!! I am really excited for this one!

Saturday: 9-10:30am practice time. We are going to have an early practice as we have to all be at the Holiday Inn for 11am. Bring a lunch and lots of water and a hairbrush as we're going to look awesome for our photos for Arctics. :D You can tell me on Thursday which technique you'd like it to be for Saturday. It's your choice what you want and need to work on before our races coming up!

Sunday: 12-1:30 Bonus ski practice if you're interested. YOU MUST RSVP FOR THIS by email. 2pm 6 Pack #2... no idea what the technique is or the distance or the format for that matter- but it's on the schedule so show up and support the race team!:) Oh wait... you know what I mean. See you this week!:) C