Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 26- April 3, 2012.

Last Post for this season... time has flown by!!! It's been a great year- so thank you WNSC Racers for another year, and a great one at that!! :)

Tuesday: Short 45 min skate ski. Ski to limber up and do a lap of centre blue. This should be enough time. When you get back you will need to wax your race skis with rex Blue and wax your classic skis with a really warm, useless glide wax that's in your box. When you summer glide wax put it on thick, iron it in- let it cool and iron it in again. Then put them away. :) Also.... CLEAN OFF YOUR GRIP ZONES!!! Make sure all the gear is packed and put into Randy's vehicle please- the skis as we're only taking the skate skis can fit in his Thule box.

Wednesday: Go for a 30 minute jog.

Thursday: Go for a walk for 30 minutes if you can.

Friday: Meet at Mt. Shark at 2pm for a quick ski of your race course.

Saturday: Race- skate distance

Sunday: Race- skate team relay

Tuesday: April 3- TEAM PARTY!!! 5:30 at the lodge- bring what you were given on Tuesday from Randy and come dressed in your role. Party details in email sent out to everyone.