Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of October 1 - 7

We are in week 4of our first 6 week cycle!! Which means bring on the inner Russian and bring out the great attitude!!!:D See you guys around this week!:)

Tuesday: Meet at the lodge- if you get there before 5:30 start by doing a minute of chin-ups on the bar (help each other out) and work your way through (there's 10-12 of you so you can figure it out). IF you don't get to the chin-up bar BEFORE practice then you'll be doing it at the end!:) Bring a water bottle and yoga mat if you have one and I'll be bringing the Russian! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Thursday: Meet at the Muskoseepi pavilion 5:30 sharp. Bring water and lots of energy!!! Maybe dress appropriately for cooler weather... aka SNOW!!!:D Be prepared....

Saturday: No practice with Claire- we usually don't do a team practice on Thanksgiving BUT it doesn't mean that you don't have to do anything... Write below that you accomplished 2, yes two, 45 minute runs (minimum) and there's something special waiting for you on Tuesday the 9th!;) 

Happy Trails this week!