Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of October 8-15

We are into week 5; week 4 if you don't include our fitness testing week... and it's time for some cardio! Looking at environment Canada- it says that the smoke should be cleared out and there should be some snow for us!:) YAY! So your lungs should be good. I will be out on my bike for you cardio week!:) And you will be out on your shoes!

Tuesday: Meet at the lodge bring a water bottle with a holder and shoes to run in.

Thursday: Meet at the Muskoseepi Pavilion with a water bottle and holder and shoes to run in.

Saturday: For senior team only. 10:00 am. NEW SPOT! Grant has discovered 4km of fresh trail for us to try!! Meet at the pull off where the Aquaterra Rd and the Correction Line meet... we will see how it is. If I have time on Wednesday or Friday, I will try to check it out before hand. Jordan- if you can, I'd like to trial you with this group please.