Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 2-9, 2012

Well racing season has started and the seniors put on quite a show in Canmore!! Seniors- you guys rock! The trip was awesome (the drive home not so) - thank you racers and parents for the homemade meals, the organizing, the driving, the waxing!, the bib picking up/organizing racers, the cheering, the Mika watching so that we could have better skis, and all the love and support for each of the racers! Racers- every time I watch you line up at the start kills me with pride, nerves and anticipation of watching you guys put yourselves out there each  and every time and asking your bodies to do their best! I love it!!!:)

Tuesday: we will be skate skiing together working on technique. We will be doing some speed work too! Bring on the fun.:)

Thursday: we will be classic skiing. Technique together for the first part and then intervals (speed work) somewhat together.

Saturday: 10-12 ski practice AND 1-5pm waxing for parents who are interested and training for athletes. Bring a lunch or $ for the canteen. Juniors- 1-5 is optional but I highly recommend it to learn more about skiing and waxing your own skis properly. (So that you can teach your parents:) )

Check you calendars that I sent out last month.